Harford County

CarriesCrossesLocationDesignStatusYear BuiltYear Recon.Span Len.Total Len.ConditionSuff. RatingID
NBI reportCHESTNUT HILL ROADSTOUT BOTTLE BRANCH0.6 MILES NW OF MD 543Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder----195426.927.9Poor36.3200000H-0040010
NBI reportGREEN ROADDEER CREEK0.2 MILES E OF BALT COSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder----199542.045.9Fair80.9200000H-0120010
NBI report
CHERRY HILL ROADDEER CREEK0.02 MILES NE OF MD 24Steel Truss - ThruNR eligible--1999117.1124.0Fair37.4200000H-0094010
NBI report
PLUMTREE ROADPLUMTREE RUN0.9 MILES W OF MD 24Wood Slab----200024.027.9Good81.0200000H-0050010
NBI report
NOBLES MILL ROADDEER CREEK0.8 MI E MAIN STSteel Truss - ThruNR eligible18831998148.0151.9Poor27.8200000H-0160010
NBI report
LAKE FANNY ROADWINTERS RUN0.2 MILES S OF US 1Concrete Arch - DeckNR eligible1913--47.954.1Fair91.9200000H-0053010
NBI reportMD 24KELLOGG BRANCH2.86 MILES S OF MD 165Concrete Tee beam--1917199321.024.9Fair80.9100000120017010
NBI reportMD 24NORTH STIRRUP RUN3.09 MILES NORTH OF MD 23Concrete Tee beam--1917199436.140.0Fair57.5100000120018010
NBI reportCULLUM ROADTRIB / JAMES RUN0.3 MILE N OF CRESWELL RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1920198924.026.9Fair72.1200000H-0012010
NBI reportMD 156SWAN CREEK0.54 MILE WEST OF MD 155Steel Culvert--1922--4.928.9Fair88.8100000120038030
NBI reportMD 7BYNUM RUN0.17 MILE SOUTH OF MD 136Concrete Tee beam (2 spans)--1923--29.964.0Fair63.4100000120010010
NBI reportMD 7GRAYS RUN1.01 MILES SOUTH OF US 40Concrete Tee beam--1925--27.930.8Fair52.2100000120008010
NBI report
FORGE HILL ROADDEER CREEK1.6 MILES S OF US 1Concrete Arch - Deck (3 spans)NR eligible19252001109.9215.9Fair38.3200000H-0037010
NBI reportUS 1SUSQUEHANNA RIVERON CECIL CO LINEConcrete Tee beam (132 spans)NR possible1927198444.94488.1Fair46.1100000120001010
NBI reportOLD PYLESVILLE RDBROAD CREEK0.4 MILES N OF MD 543Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)NR eligible1928--47.9101.1Fair86.6200000H-0137010
NBI reportMD 132BSWAN CREEK0.33 MILE SOUTH OF US 40Concrete Tee beam--1930--36.140.0Fair68.4100000120013010
NBI reportOLD FALLSTON ROADMA & PA RAILROAD (ABAND)0.3 MILES S OF MD 152Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girderNR eligible1930--34.177.1Fair71.7200000H-0185010
NBI report
US 1 BUWINTERS RUN0.87 MILE NORTH OF US 1Concrete Arch - DeckNR possible1930--55.155.1Fair77.3100000120004010
NBI reportGLENVILLE ROADMILL BROOK2.1 MILES NE OF MD 22Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1930193535.138.1Poor48.0200000H-0030010
NBI reportGLENVILLE ROADGRAVEYARD CREEK0.3 MI S OF HARMONY CH RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1930195223.026.9Fair66.9200000H-0026010
NBI reportWEST CHAPEL ROADSWAN CREEK0.6 MILES S OF MD 156Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girderNR eligible1930195328.933.1Poor58.9200000H-0017010
NBI reportSTAFFORD ROADHERRING RUN0.01 MILE S OF LAPIDUM RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)NR eligible1930197522.044.9Fair67.6200000H-0019010
NBI report
MD 165LITTLE DEER CREEK2.35 MILES SOUTH OF MD 24Concrete Arch - DeckNR eligible1930198140.040.0Fair77.4100000120044010
NBI reportNOVA SCOTIA ROADJAMES RUN0.6 MILES E OF MD 543Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1930199927.932.2Good83.2200000H-0011010
NBI reportOLD SOUTHAMPTON ROBYNUM RUN0.6 MILES S OF MD 543Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple (2 spans)--1930201025.957.1Good98.0200000H-0047010
NBI reportMD 136FALLING BRANCH0.55 MILE NORTH OF MD 24Concrete Tee beamNR possible1931--38.147.9Fair75.8100000120031010
NBI report
MD 136DEER CREEK2.64 MILES SOUTH OF US 1Steel Truss - ThruNR possible19311987100.1107.0Fair59.3100000120033010
NBI reportMD 165DEER CREEK1.89 MILES SOUTH OF MD 24Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1932198580.186.0Fair78.1100000120043010
NBI reportMD 543DEER CREEK1.47 MILES S OF MD 440Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--19321985100.1106.0Fair65.6100000120049010
NBI reportMD 646BROAD CREEK0.77 MILE NORTH OF MD 543Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1933198563.067.9Fair97.1100000120057010
NBI reportEDGEWOOD ROADOTTER POINT CREEK (N)0.3 MILES S OF MD 7Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1933198754.1111.9Fair78.4200000H-0202010
NBI reportHARMONY CHURCH RDMILL BROOK1.4 MILES E OF MD 136Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1933200425.926.9Good76.9200000H-0028010
NBI reportMD 136BIG BRANCH2.64 MILES NORTH OF MD 24Concrete Tee beamNR possible1934--29.933.1Fair95.0100000120030010
NBI reportUS 1DEER CREEK2.08 MILES S OF MD 136Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--19341993128.0131.9Fair97.4100000120002010
NBI report
MD 24DEER CREEK2.17 MILES S OF MD 165Steel Truss - ThruNR possible19342001123.0131.9Fair75.9100000120016010
NBI reportUS 40SWAN CREEK0.26 MILE WEST OF MD 132BConcrete Tee beam--1935--40.042.0Fair67.3100000120022010
NBI reportMD 136ISLAND BRANCH1.0 MILE SOUTH OF MD 23Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1935195933.134.1Fair81.8100000120029010
NBI reportUS 40CRANBERRY RUN0.32 MILE EAST OF MD 159Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1935198426.933.1Fair82.3100000120024010
NBI reportUS 40CHURCH CREEK1.24 MILES WEST OF MD 7Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1935198436.140.0Fair88.5100000120025010
NBI reportUS 40BUSH CREEK3.24 MILES EAST OF MD 24Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1935198553.2110.9Fair92.9100000120026010
NBI reportUS 40OTTER POINT CREEK0.10 MILE EAST OF MD 24Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1935198564.0131.9Fair92.9100000120028010
NBI reportMD 543BR OF BYNUM RUN0.3 MILE NORTH OF MD 136Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1936195921.022.0Fair64.4100000120050010
NBI reportMD 624BROAD CREEK1.15 MILES N OF MD 165Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1936195924.024.9Fair77.5100000120054010
NBI reportMD 624JACKS HOLE0.34 MILE NORTH OF MD 165Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1936195920.022.0Fair68.2100000120055010
NBI reportCHESTNUT HILL ROADCABBAGE RUN0.7 MILES NW OF MD 543Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1938--24.025.9Fair55.8200000H-0041010
NBI report
U.S. ROUTE 40SUSQUEHANNA RIVER-PA RRCECIL-HARFORD COUNTY LINESteel Truss - Thru (12 spans)--19392011456.17624.4Fair57.7300000H-Z040010
NBI reportABINGDON ROADCSX RAILROAD0.1 MILES N OF US 40Steel Girder and floorbeam systemNR eligible1940196074.2199.2Poor30.9200000H-0169010
NBI reportTROYER ROADTRIB / LITTLE DEER CREEK1.5 MILES NE OF MD 23Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1940196024.926.9Poor34.7200000H-0103010
NBI reportPALMER ROADROMNEY CREEKABERDEEN PROVING GROUNDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1942--29.932.8Fair86.0DAPAMCABE000719
NBI reportMD 132BAMTRAK0.03 MILE SOUTH OF US 40Concrete Slab (3 spans)--1943197265.0137.1Fair62.4100000120061010
NBI reportMD 715 EBAMTRAK0.51 MILE EAST OF US 40Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1943198570.9180.1Fair86.7100000120058013
NBI reportMD 715 WBAMTRAK0.51 MILE EAST OF US 40Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1943198570.9180.1Fair86.7100000120058014
NBI reportWHISKEY BOTTOM RDCSX RR TRACKSANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY LINESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1943199058.1132.9Good98.0200000HO0117010
NBI reportCARRS MILL ROADBEAR CABIN BRANCH1.7 MILES N OF MD 152Concrete Culvert (3 spans)Closed1950--5.923.0Poor25.8200000H-0216030
NBI reportHESS ROADYELLOW BRANCH0.5 MILES E OF MD 146Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1950--23.027.9Fair62.8200000H-0081010
NBI reportJARRETTSVILLE ROADEAST BRANCH /WINTERS RUN1.9 MILES E OF MD 165Concrete Slab (2 spans)--1950--13.127.9Fair65.1200000H-0175010
NBI reportPROSPECT ROADDEEP CREEK1.1 MILES N OF MD 136Concrete Culvert--1950--5.922.0Poor36.9200000H-0217030
NBI reportPUTNAM ROADWEST BRANCH/WINTERS RUN1.5 MILES E OF MD 165Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1950--45.949.9Fair47.8200000H-0068010
NBI reportSHARON ROADSOUTH STIRRUP RUN0.7 MILES E OF MD 24Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1950196030.833.1Fair65.4200000H-0093010
NBI reportMD 22BYNUM RUN0.99 MI W OF MD 543Concrete Culvert--1950199422.046.3Fair88.2100000120012020
NBI reportNEAL ROADBIG BRANCH0.3 MILE E OF ST PAULS RDPrestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1950200724.027.9Good88.7200000H-0130010
NBI reportSTAFFORD ROADDEER CREEK0.03 MI N OF CRAIGS CR RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1951--87.9226.1Poor43.6200000H-0024010
NBI reportMOORES ROADSAW MILL BRANCH0.04 MILES N OF GREENE RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1952--30.833.1Fair51.8200000H-0078010
NBI reportTRAPPE CHURCH ROADHOLLANDS BRANCH1.1 MILES SW OF MD 161Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1952--28.932.2Poor52.6200000H-0161010
NBI reportGREENE RDSAW MILL BRANCH0.3 MILES NE OF BALT COPrestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1952200652.252.2Good76.6200000H-0079010
NBI reportBAILEY ROADSOUTH STIRRUP RUN0.5 MI E OF SHARON ACR RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1953--24.926.9Poor63.4200000H-0091010
NBI reportUS 1 BUBYNUM RUN.06 M N OF MOORES MILL RDSteel Culvert--1953--7.937.1Fair95.3100000120003030
NBI reportST CLAIR BRIDGE RDDEER CREEK1.0 MILES S OF MD 165Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1954--89.9192.9Fair67.9200000H-0100010
NBI reportGREEN ROADTRIB / DEER CREEK0.2 M W OF LONG CORNER RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1955--23.024.9Poor35.7200000H-0119010
NBI reportGREEN ROADTRIB / DEER CREEK0.05 M W OF LONG CORNER RSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1955--24.925.9Poor30.6200000H-0122010
NBI reportGRIER NURSERY ROADDEER CREEK1.0 MILE S OF CHERRY H RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1955--60.0166.0Poor70.2200000H-0043010
NBI reportOLD YORK ROADLITTLE GUNPOWDER FALLSON BALT CO LINESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1955--24.928.9Fair60.0200000H-0087010
NBI reportROCK RUN ROADROCK RUN0.01 MI E OF WILKINSON RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1955198828.961.7Fair73.9200000H-0022010
NBI reportMT HOREB ROADLITTLE DEER CREEK1.2 MILES NW OF MD 165Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1955199853.256.1Good80.6200000H-0107010
NBI reportMACTON ROADBROAD CREEK1.4 MILES SW OF MD 136Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1955201041.044.9Good89.0200000H-0144010
NBI reportHOOKERS MILL ROADBYNUM RUN0.8 MILES W OF MD 136Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple (2 spans)--1957--44.092.9Poor53.2200000H-0013010
NBI reportRECKORD ROADWILDCAT BRANCH0.1 MILES S OF US 1Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1957--26.932.2Fair69.8200000H-0055010
NBI reportPHILLIPS MILL ROADEAST BRANCH/ WINTERS RUN0.6 MILES W OF MD 23Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1958--53.257.1Poor43.3200000H-0070010
NBI reportPLEASANTVILLE ROADWINTERS RUN1.5 MILES N OF MD 152Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1958--77.182.0Poor46.8200000H-0067010
NBI reportMD 165BROAD CREEK0.4 MILE NORTH OF MD 543Concrete Culvert--1959--11.223.0Fair99.2100000120041020
NBI reportWALTERS MILL ROADSTOUT BOTTLE BRANCH0.2 MILES W OF MD 543Prestressed Slab--1959199734.136.1Fair84.3200000H-0039010
NBI reportGILBERT ROADCARSINS RUN0.5 MILES N MD 22Steel Culvert (3 spans)--1960--5.923.0Fair99.9200000H-0208030
NBI reportJAMES RUN ROADBROAD RUN0.3 MILES E OF MD 136Steel Culvert--1960--14.133.1Fair98.4200000H-0181030
NBI reportOLD JOPPA ROADTRIB / GUNPOWDER FALLS100 FT S OF GREENSPRING ASteel Culvert--1960--5.923.0Fair97.0200000H-0209030
NBI reportMD 155I-95MILEPOST M89.0Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1960198384.0243.1Fair80.1300000H-X890010
NBI reportEDEN MILL ROADBIG BRANCH0.4 MILES W OF FAWN GR RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1961--43.046.9Poor29.1200000H-0111010
NBI reportMD 23PHILLIPS MILL RD & E. BR1.97 MILES S OF MD 165Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1961197873.2295.0Fair79.9100000120063010
NBI reportMD 136BROAD CREEK1.35 MILES S OF MD 646Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1961198550.9107.0Fair78.3100000120032010
NBI reportMD 23MORSE ROAD1.03 MILES S OF MD 165Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1961200743.094.2Good96.3100000120064010
NBI reportST CLAIR BRIDGE RDDEER CREEK1.7 MILES S OF MD 165Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1961201260.0181.8Good94.4200000H-0099010
NBI reportMD RTE 152I-95MILEPOST M74.3Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--19621992120.1246.1Good85.0300000H-X743010
NBI reportABINGDON ROADI-95MILEPOST M78.0Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1963--85.0242.1Fair76.4300000H-X780010
NBI reportCHAPEL ROADI-95MILEPOST 87.8Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1963--77.1226.1Fair82.7300000H-X878010
NBI reportEARLTON ROADI-95MILEPOST M88.4Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1963--83.0236.9Fair82.1300000H-X881010
NBI reportI-95GRAYS RUNMILEPOST M83.1Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1963--13.127.9Fair70.0300000H-X832020
NBI reportI-95CARSINS RUNMILEPOST M85.6Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1963--15.130.8Good70.0300000H-X856020
NBI reportI-95SWAN CREEKMILEPOST M86.3Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1963--15.130.8Good70.0300000H-X863020
NBI reportLAPIDUM ROADI-95MILEPOST M89.7Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1963--76.1229.0Fair97.0300000H-X894010
NBI reportMD 136I-95MILEPOST M79.0Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1963--77.1227.0Fair77.6300000H-X796010
NBI reportMD 24 EBI-95MILEPOST M76.5Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1963--83.0234.9Fair67.6300000H-X765013
NBI reportOLD JOPPA ROADI-95MILEPOST M73.4Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1963--86.9242.1Fair81.2300000H-X734010
NBI reportOLD MOUNTAIN RDI-95MILEPOST M74.2Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1963--77.1233.0Fair80.0300000H-X742010
NBI reportSTEPNEY ROADI-95MILEPOST M83.7Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1963--100.1292.0Fair92.8300000H-X837010
NBI reportUS 1WINTERS RUN0.96 MILE NORTH OF MD 147Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1963--33.1130.9Fair73.1100000120065010
NBI reportUS 1N TOLLGATE RD PED TRAIL1.44 MILES N OF MD 147Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1963--44.9110.9Fair69.3100000120066010
NBI reportVALE ROADUS 1@ US 1Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1963--77.1221.1Fair86.5100000120067010
NBI reportI-95WINTERS RUN RD,WINTERS R3.2 MI N BALT-HAR CO LINESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (5 spans)--1963197171.9297.9Fair81.0300000H-X758010
NBI reportI-95 NBBYNUM RUN6.5 MI N BALT-HAR CO LINESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1963197352.2107.9Fair92.9300000H-X793011
NBI reportI-95 SBBYNUM RUN6.5 MI N BALT-HAR CO LINESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1963197358.1120.1Fair92.5300000H-X793012
NBI reportI-95MD 462MILEPOST M86.6Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1963198786.9188.0Fair80.0300000H-X866010
NBI reportMAXA ROADI-95MILEPOST M85.9Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1963198784.0253.0Fair79.1300000H-X859010
NBI report
I-95SUSQUEHANNA RIVER,PA RRHARFORD-CECIL CO LINESteel Truss - Deck (11 spans)--19631988490.25061.3Fair74.0300000H-X907010
NBI reportCLAYTON ROADI-95MILEPOST M75.1Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--19631990105.0226.1Good90.1300000H-X751010
NBI reportI-95JAMES RUN6.9 MI N BALT-HAR CO LINESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1963200269.9145.0Fair73.0300000H-X799010
NBI reportDEER CREEK CHURCHSTOUT BOTTLE BRANCH0.5 MIL SW OF WALTERS M RSteel Culvert--1964--6.933.1Fair86.9200000H-0182030
NBI reportUS 1MD 241.1 MILES S OF US 1BUSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1964--80.1230.0Fair75.5100000120015010
NBI reportUS 1 & RAMP C(2)BYNUM RUN0.25 MILE NORTH OF MD 24Concrete Culvert--1964--9.821.3Fair78.4100000120006020
NBI reportCHARLES STREETWEST BRANCH/WINTERS RUN0.6 MILES NW OF MD 165Concrete Culvert--1965--20.044.9Fair97.9200000H-0076020
NBI reportHEAPS SCHOOL ROADBROAD CREEK0.3 MILES N OF MD 543Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1965--44.949.9Fair71.7200000H-0149010
NBI reportMADONNA ROADDEER CREEK0.02 MI S OF TELEGRAPH RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1965--43.046.9Fair50.7200000H-0113010
NBI reportROBINSON MILL ROADBROAD CREEK0.5 MILES E OF MD 136Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girderClosed1965--48.952.2Poor31.8200000H-0154010
NBI reportSPESUTIA ROADCRANBERRY RUN0.2 MILES N OF MD 159Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1966--57.161.0Fair80.8200000H-0014010
NBI reportMD 24OTTERS POINT CREEK0.1 MILE NORTH OF US 40Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1967--65.0198.2Fair83.6100000120042012
NBI reportMD 24 SBRUS 400.35 MILE NORTH OF MD 755Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1967--77.1245.1Fair97.2100000120062012
NBI reportMD 22CSX TRANS.0.06 MILE WEST OF US 40Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1968--53.257.1Fair88.5100000120068010
NBI reportUS 40 & RMPS 5 & 6BR OF SWAN CREEK0.03 MILE SOUTH OF MD 22Concrete Culvert--1968--8.927.6Good80.4100000120069020
NBI reportMD 22AMTRAK, TRIB TO SWAN CR0.06 MILE EAST OF US 40Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1968197189.9117.1Fair82.0100000120005010
NBI reportMD 22US 400.39 MILE WEST OF MD 132BSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1968197161.0241.2Fair78.9100000120035010
NBI reportMD 24TRIB. TO OTTER POINT CRE0.13 MILE NORTH OF MD 755Concrete Culvert--1969199512.127.6Fair70.7100000120089020
NBI reportBERNADETTE DRIVEBEAR CABIN BRANCH0.8 MIL E OF GRAFTON SHOPSteel Culvert--1970--12.128.9Fair96.8200000H-0192030
NBI reportCAREA ROADISLAND BRANCH0.3 MILES S OF MD 136Steel Culvert--1970--6.930.8Fair83.9200000H-0188030
NBI reportCLAYTON ROADMOUNTAIN BRANCH0.3 MILES W OF SINGER RDSteel Culvert--1970--5.922.0Fair86.8200000H-0200030
NBI reportKALMIA ROADTRIB / DEER CREEK0.61 MILES W OF US RTE. 1Steel Culvert (3 spans)--1970--4.921.0Fair89.0200000H-0223030
NBI reportMD 24 SBRCSX TRANS.0.3 MILE SOUTH OF MD 7Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1970--54.1138.1Fair85.7100000120070012
NBI reportCEDAR LANETRIB / BYNUM RUN0.8 MILES W OF MD 136Steel Culvert (3 spans)--1971--6.924.0Fair88.9200000H-0010030
NBI reportMD 152CSX TRANSPORTATION0.25 MILE NORTH OF US 40Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1971199675.1200.1Good97.7100000120036010
NBI reportAMOSS MILL ROADISLAND BRANCH0.5 MILES SE OF MD 136Steel Culvert--1972--6.926.9Poor69.0200000H-0177030
NBI reportAMOSS ROADISLAND BRANCH0.2 MILES S OF AMOSS ML RSteel Culvert (3 spans)--1972--7.925.9Fair97.8200000H-0165030
NBI reportCARSINS RUN ROADCARSINS RUN0.03 MILES N OF MD 22Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1972--33.136.1Fair97.8200000H-0015010
NBI reportFASHION WAYTRIB / WINTERS RUN0.5 MILES N OF MD 7Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1972--22.024.9Good92.8200000H-0005010
NBI reportWINTERS RUN ROADMOUNTAIN BRANCH0.05 MILES S OF SINGER RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1972--33.136.1Good97.7200000H-0006010
NBI reportFALLING BRANCH RDFALLING BRANCH0.7 MI NE OF RED BRIDGE RPrestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1973--44.947.9Fair88.0200000H-0166010
NBI reportFALLING BRANCH RDFALLING BRANCH0.6 MI W OF CLERMONT M RDPrestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1973--36.138.1Fair97.8200000H-0167010
NBI reportJOLLY ACRES ROADDEER CREEK2.0 MILES W OF MD 23Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1973--44.091.9Fair98.0200000H-0036010
NBI reportSUSQUEHANNA HALL RDEEP RUN0.7 MILES S OF MD 623Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1973--46.949.9Good98.0200000H-0153010
NBI reportTHOMAS RUN ROADTRIB / THOMAS RUN2.1 MILES NE OF MD 543Steel Culvert (2 spans)--1973--11.223.0Fair99.3200000H-0168030
NBI reportMACPHAIL ROADBYNUM RUN1.6 MILES E OF MD 924Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1974--52.255.1Fair90.4200000H-0049010
NBI reportMD 24AMTRAK, SIBERT RD1.66 MILES S OF MD 755Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1974--120.1337.0Fair90.1100000120071010
NBI reportTAYLOR ROADBROAD CREEK0.7 MILES E OF MD 543Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1974--60.063.0Fair99.0200000H-0146010
NBI reportBRIDGE DRIVEJOPPATOWNE CANAL0.05 MI S OF TOWNE CNT DRSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1975--69.9214.9Fair67.8200000H-0163010
NBI reportBYNUM RIDGE ROADBYNUM RUN0.2 MILES E OF BYNUM RDSteel Culvert--1975--5.936.1Fair97.9200000H-0195030
NBI reportFRIENDSHIP ROADOVERSHOT BRANCH1.0 MILES S OF MD 152Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1975--40.044.0Fair88.7200000H-0059010
NBI reportPENNINGTON ROADTHOMAS RUN0.2 MILE E OF THOMAS R RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1975--41.044.9Good98.9200000H-0035010
NBI reportRED BRIDGE ROADFALLING BRANCH0.3 MILES E OF FAWN GR RDSteel Culvert--1975--6.925.9Fair88.0200000H-0110030
NBI reportBYNUM ROADBYNUM RUN0.5 MILES NE OF MD 24Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1976--40.044.0Fair98.1200000H-0046010
NBI reportMD 7HAHA BRANCH0.74 MILE NORTH OF MD 24Steel Culvert--1976--4.928.9Fair85.3100000120081030
NBI reportGRAFTON SHOP ROADBEAR CABIN BRANCH0.03 MI N OF TIMBERLEA DRSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1977--68.976.1Fair93.2200000H-0065010
NBI reportJAMES RUN ROADJAMES RUN0.5 MILES E OF MD 136Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1977--35.139.0Fair96.0200000H-0032010
NBI reportSANDY HOOK ROADDEER CREEK1.5 MIL NE OF ALLIBONE RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1977--86.0187.0Good99.9200000H-0141010
NBI reportBOTTOM ROADOVERSHOT BRANCH0.03 MILES N OF GUYTON RDPrestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1978--37.142.0Good96.4200000H-0057010
NBI reportBUTTERMILK ROADTRIB / BIG BRANCH0.6 MILES N OF W HEAPS RDSteel Culvert--1978--6.929.9Fair86.0200000H-0128030
NBI reportFAWN GROVE ROADDEER CREEK0.8 MILES N OF MD 165Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1978--80.185.0Good94.9200000H-0109010
NBI reportMD 462CARSINS RUN0.66 MILE NORTH OF MD 22Concrete Slab--1978--60.064.0Fair89.4100000120047010
NBI reportMD 462SWAN CREEK0.84 MILE NORTH OF MD 22Concrete Culvert--1978--19.039.4Fair96.5100000120048020
NBI reportMD 462SWAN CREEK0.27 MILE SOUTH OF IS 95Concrete Culvert--1978--9.822.0Good97.6100000120074020
NBI reportTRAPPE CHURCH ROADHOPKINS BRANCH1.0 MILES E OF MD 136Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1978--41.044.9Fair98.9200000H-0159010
NBI reportHARFORD CREAMERY RJACKSON BRANCH0.3 MILES S OF MD 23Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1979--75.181.0Good99.0200000H-0114010
NBI reportHEAPS ROADBROAD CREEK0.5 MILES NE OF MD 543Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1979--49.9105.0Fair97.9200000H-0148010
NBI reportRIDGE ROADBROAD CREEK2.2 MILES SW OF MD 136Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1979--87.996.1Good99.0200000H-0150010
NBI reportBEAR CREEK DRIVEBEAR CABIN BRANCH0.2 MI N OF BERNADETTE DRSteel Culvert--1980--13.147.9Good99.7200000H-0193030
NBI reportLEWIS LANEAMTRAK RAILROAD0.1 MILES E OF US 40Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1980--89.9181.1Fair98.3200000H-H-01010
NBI reportLITTLE ROADDEEP RUN0.6 MILES N OF DEEP RUN R Culvert--1980--5.923.0Fair84.0200000H-0186030
NBI reportSTAFFORD ROADBUCK BRANCH0.5 MIL W OF GRAIGS CR RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1980--28.933.1Poor87.7200000H-0162010
NBI reportCHELSEA ROADAMTRAK RAILROAD0.3 MILES SE OF MD 159Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1981--98.1201.1Fair79.0200000H-0176010
NBI reportCOOL SPRING ROADTOBACCO RUN0.8 MILES W OF MD 136Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1981--12.139.0Fair99.2200000H-0033020
NBI reportACCESS ROADDEER CREEKABERDEEN PROVING GROUNDPrestressed Slab--1982--27.631.5Fair69.910202
NBI reportECON DRIVETRIB / BYNUM RUN100 FT N MOORES MILL RDSteel Culvert (3 spans)--1982--5.923.6Fair87.9200000H-0210030
NBI reportQUAKER BOTTOM ROADROCK RUN0.01 MIL S OF ROCK RUN RDConcrete Arch - Deck--1982--35.142.0Fair99.5200000H-0021010
NBI reportMD 132AMTRAK0.19 MILE EAST OF US 40Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (9 spans)--1983--152.9830.1Fair79.1100000120075010
NBI reportMD 7AAMTRAK0.12 MILE NORTH OF US 40Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1983--170.9546.9Good96.4100000120073010
NBI reportSINGER ROADWINTERS RUN1.1 MILES W OF MD 24Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1983--123.0129.9Fair74.5200000H-0008010
NBI reportMANDEVILLE ROADTRIBUTARY TO LITTLE GUNP0.3 MILES N OF MD 7Steel Culvert--1985--24.024.0Good94.3200000H-0184010
NBI reportMULBERRY POINT RDWOODREST CREEKABERDEEN PROVING GROUNDConcrete Slab (8 spans)--1985--12.197.1Fair89.0511
NBI reportMD 715US 402 MILES WEST OF MD 22Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--19852013102.0209.0Fair92.3100000120023010
NBI reportCOLUMBIA ROADRED HILL BRANCH0.4 MI N OF MD RTE 108Metal Culvert (3 spans)--1986--19.098.1Good80.0200000HO0146030
NBI reportMD 24BR OF DEER CREEK0.29 M S OF COEN ROADSteel Culvert--1986--9.822.6Good99.3100000120078030
NBI reportMD 24BR OF DEER CREEK0.09 M N OF COEN ROADSteel Culvert--1986--14.131.5Fair88.7100000120079030
NBI reportMD 24BR OF DEER CREEK0.02 M S OF DAVIS ROADSteel Culvert--1986--21.049.5Fair88.7100000120080030
NBI reportBRIERHILL DRIVEBYNUM RUN0.4 MILES S OF MD 22Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1987--115.2120.1Good91.6200000H-0180010
NBI reportEDGEWOOD ROADOTTER POINT CREEK (S)0.4 MILES S OF MD 7Concrete Culvert (4 spans)--1987--15.165.0Fair78.3200000H-0203020
NBI reportMD 24PED. AND HORSE TUNNEL0.45 MILE NORTH OF US 1BUSteel Culvert--1987--26.926.9Good82.6100000120085030
NBI reportMD 24PLUMTREE RUN0.38 MILE SOUTH OF US 1BUSteel Culvert--1987--13.145.9Fair81.0100000120086030
NBI reportMD 24PLUMTREE RUN0.86 M N OF PLUMTREE ROADSteel Culvert--1987--19.065.6Good78.6100000120087030
NBI reportMD 24PLUMTREE RUN0.57 M N OF PLUMTREE ROADSteel Culvert--1987--18.060.7Good78.6100000120088030
NBI reportMD 24 & 24EHEAVENLY WATERS0.19 MI S OF US 1Steel Culvert--1987--13.128.2Good81.1100000120084030
NBI reportMD 24FHEAVENLY WATERS0.18 MILE SOUTH OF MD 24Steel Culvert--1987--16.135.8Fair96.8100000120083030
NBI reportMD 623PEDDLER RUN2.03 MILES N OF US 1Concrete Culvert--1987--6.924.6Good99.7100000120053020
NBI reportMD 24 WBI-95MILEPOST M76.5Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1987200783.0234.9Good80.0300000H-X765014
NBI reportMD 543JAMES RUN1.23 MILE SOUTH OF MD 136Steel Culvert--1988--16.155.8Fair95.8100000120051030
NBI reportMILL GREEN ROADBROAD CREEK0.03 MILES E OF MD 646Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1988--74.280.1Fair88.9200000H-0143010
NBI reportOAK FARM ROADMILL BROOK0.4 MIL E OF GLENVILLE RDWood Slab--1988--30.832.2Fair93.3200000H-0198010
NBI reportMD 23DEER CREEK1.98 MILES WEST OF MD 136Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1989--87.992.9Fair82.4100000120014010
NBI reportHENDERSON ROADTRIB / BYNUM RUN0.1 MILES W OF MD 543Steel Culvert--1990--4.921.0Fair98.8200000H-0179030
NBI reportWEST HEAPS ROADBIG BRANCH0.5 MILES N OF MD 136Wood Slab--1990--28.932.2Fair88.0200000H-0129010
NBI reportCARRS MILL ROADWINTERS RUN1.4 MILES N OF MD 152Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1991--131.9134.8Good95.1200000H-0064010
NBI reportCOSNER ROADEAST BRANCH/WINTERS RUN0.3 MI E OF PHILLIPS M RDWood Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1991--45.946.9Fair96.0200000H-0069010
NBI reportMD 543IS 950.23 MILE NORTH OF MD 7Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1991--134.8387.2Fair98.0100000120077010
NBI reportMD 7WINTERS RUN0.33 M S OF EDGEWOOD ROADSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1991--65.0137.1Good96.2100000120011010
NBI reportSTAFFORD ROADROCK RUN0.1 MI NW OF ROCK RUN RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1991--60.064.0Fair88.9200000H-0023010
NBI report
WHITAKER MILL ROADWINTERS RUN1.8 MILES W OF US 1Steel Truss - Thru--1991--68.975.1Fair45.3200000H-0051010
NBI reportMADONNA ROADCATTAIL BRANCH0.4 MILE S OF MT HOREB RDConcrete Culvert--1992--18.043.0Good99.7200000H-0105020
NBI reportMADONNA ROADLITTLE DEER CREEK0.3 MILE S OF MT HOREB RDSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1992--60.065.0Fair99.7200000H-0106010
NBI reportMD 623BR OF SUSQUEHANNA RIV0.47 MILE NORTH OF MD 161Steel Culvert--1993--25.925.9Fair88.8100000120090030
NBI reportMD 7CSX TRANS.0.34 MILE SOUTH OF US 40Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1993--129.9134.8Good89.7100000120007010
NBI reportOAKINGTON ROADGASHEYS CREEK0.8 MILES S OF MD 132Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1993--44.948.9Good80.8200000H-0164010
NBI reportMD 152AMTRAK2.20 MILES SOUTH OF US 40Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1994--125.0129.9Good90.9100000120037010
NBI reportUS 40BR OF OTTER POINT CREEK0.41 MILE EAST OF MD 24Concrete Culvert--1994--14.157.1Good94.9100000120027020
NBI reportDURHAM ROADWEST BRANCH/ WINTERS RUN0.01 MI E OF CHARLES STSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1995--44.948.9Good91.1200000H-0075010
NBI report
MD 161DEER CREEK2.11 MILES S OF MD 623Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1995--128.9264.1Good79.9100000120040010
NBI reportMD 24US 400.35 MILE NORTH OF MD 755Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1995--77.1247.1Good97.1100000120062011
NBI reportMD 24CSX RAILROAD0.3 MILE SOUTH OF MD 7Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1995--54.1139.1Good98.1100000120070011
NBI reportMD 543US 40, CSX RAILROAD1.17 MILES SOUTH OF MD 7Steel Girder and floorbeam system (3 spans)--1995--145.0379.9Good85.0100000120082010
NBI reportPOTEET ROADEAST BRANCH/WINTERS RUN0.01 M W OF PHILLIPS M RDConcrete Frame--1995--41.041.0Fair94.8200000H-0071040
NBI reportFURNACE ROADWEST BRANCH/WINTERS RUN0.6 MILES E OF MD 152Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1996--40.044.9Good82.8200000H-0074010
NBI reportHEAPS ROADJANE CARRS RUN0.7 MILES SW OF MD 136Concrete Frame--1996--35.138.1Good85.9200000H-0147040
NBI reportMD 24OTTERS POINT CREEK0.1 MILE NORTH OF US 40Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1996--88.9229.0Good95.3100000120042011
NBI reportWHEEL ROADBYNUM RUN1.2 MILES NE OF MD 924Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1996--52.257.1Good93.8200000H-0009010
NBI reportCOOLEY MILL ROADROCK RUN0.7 MI SE OF ROCK RUN RDPrestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1997--24.925.9Good83.9200000H-0020010
NBI reportJOPPA FARM ROADFOSTER BRANCH1.9 MILES E OF US 40Concrete Culvert--1997--12.125.9Good99.5200000H-0201020
NBI reportMORSE ROADEAST BRANCH/WINTERS RUN0.3 MILES NE OF MD 23Concrete Frame--1997--34.138.1Fair90.0200000H-0072040
NBI reportOLD PYLESVILLE RDTRIB / JACKS HOLE0.2 MILES NE OF MD 165Concrete Frame--1997--36.143.0Fair82.9200000H-0136040
NBI reportMARDIC DRIVEBYNUM RUN0.05 MI N OF SPENCEOLA PKConcrete Culvert--1998--11.238.1Good94.3200000H-0206020
NBI reportMD 623BROAD CREEK2.63 MI S OF PA LINESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1998--149.9365.2Good90.6100000120052010
NBI reportWHITAKER MILL ROADHIGH BRIDGE BRANCH1.4 MILES E OF US 1Concrete Frame--1998--23.024.9Fair82.3200000H-0052040
NBI reportDRY BRANCH ROADTRIB / DEER CREEK0.4 MILES W OF MD 23Concrete Frame--1999--38.142.0Good100.0200000H-0117010
NBI reportGREEN ROADTRIB / DEER CREEK0.02 M E OF LONG CORNER RSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1999--24.929.9Good86.0200000H-0121010
NBI reportHALL STREETHEAVENLY WATERS0.4 MILES SW OF MD 924Concrete Culvert--1999--20.020.0Fair91.3200000H-B-01020
NBI reportHOLLY OAK CIRCLEGRAYS RUN0.1 MILES N OF MD 7Concrete Culvert--1999--40.040.0Good93.9200000H-0205010
NBI reportSCHUSTER ROADWEST BRANCH/ WINTERS RUN0.2 MILES E OF MD 146Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1999--36.140.0Good81.2200000H-0090010
NBI reportWEST MACPHAIL ROADPLUMTREE RUN0.2 MILES SW OF MD 24Concrete Culvert--1999--41.041.0Good96.8200000H-B-02010
NBI reportALDINO-STEPNEY RDCARSINS RUN0.5 MILES N OF MD 22Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2000--36.140.0Good94.8200000H-0016010
NBI reportTOLLGATE ROADHEAVENLY WATERS0.6 MILES W OF BUS US 1Concrete Culvert--2000--23.023.0Fair85.0200000H-0194020
NBI reportWAGNER WAYBYNUM RUN0.2 MILES E OF MD 24Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--2001--19.059.1Good90.2200000H-0204020
NBI reportSINGER ROADMOUNTAIN BRANCH1.7 MILES E OF MD 152Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2003--49.956.1Good95.4200000H-0007010
NBI reportTODD ROADTRIB / BYNUM RUN0.4 MILES NE OF BRIERHILLSteel Culvert (3 spans)--2003--6.933.1Fair100.0200000H-0214030
NBI reportTOLLGATE ROADTRIB / WINTERS RUN500 FT N OF MONTROSE WAYConcrete Arch - Deck--2003--35.135.1Good82.8200000H-0213010
NBI reportTURNER ROADTRIB / L GUNPOWDER FALLS0.4 MILES N OF POCOCK RDPrestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2003--33.133.1Good100.0200000H-0085010
NBI reportMD 165WEST BRANCH1.03 MILES N OF MD 152Prestressed Slab--2004--55.158.1Fair95.1100000120045010
NBI reportMD 165BR OF WEST BRANCH0.97 MILE NORTH OF MD 152Prestressed Slab--2004--44.949.9Good95.1100000120046010
NBI reportMD 22I-95MILEPOST M84.9Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--2004--162.1344.2Good82.7300000H-X849010
NBI reportCEDARDAY DRIVETRIBUTARY TO BYNUM RUN1.0 MILES E OF CEDAR LANEConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--2005--47.998.1Good100.0200000H-0025010
NBI reportFOUR SEASONS DRIVETRIBUTARY TO HA HA BRANC0.03 MILES W OF MD 7Steel Culvert--2005--17.148.9Good90.9200000H-0183030
NBI reportMONTROSE WAYTRIB / WINTERS RUN0.2 MILES W OF TOLLGATE RConcrete Culvert--2005--24.024.6Good99.0200000H-0218010
NBI reportMONTROSE WAYTRIB / WINTERS RUN0.9 MILES W OF TOLLGATE RConcrete Culvert--2005--29.936.1Good100.0200000H-0219010
NBI reportMOORES MILL ROADBYNUM RUN0.3 MILES NW OF MD 22Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2005--44.949.9Good78.4200000H-0048010
NBI reportOAK VALLEY DRIVETRIB / PLUMTREE RUN0.3 MILES S OF W RIDING DConcrete Culvert--2005--36.137.7Good94.6200000H-0220010
NBI reportMD 136JAMES RUN1.6 MILES NORTH OF MD 543Concrete Box beam or girders - Multiple--2006--55.160.0Good96.5100000120034010
NBI reportBURNT HILL TRAILTRIB GRAYS RUN0.5 MILES N. OF MD 7Concrete Arch - Deck--2008--47.949.5Fair100.0200000H-0173010
NBI reportMD 159CRANBERRY RUN0.22 MILE SOUTH OF US 40Prestressed Girder and floorbeam system--2008--60.063.0Good97.3100000120039010
NBI reportRYAN ROADBREAD AND CHEESE BRANCH1.1 MILES NORTH OF MD 152Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2008--49.957.1Good86.3200000H-0061010
NBI reportTHOMAS RUN ROADTHOMAS RUN0.1 MILES E OF KALMIA RDPrestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2008--55.159.1Good87.4200000H-0034010
NBI reportSOUTHAMPTON ROADBYNUM RUN0.6 MILES W OF MD 543Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2010--100.1120.1Good79.9200000H-0222010
NBI reportMD 24MD 9240.53 MI SOUTH OF I-95Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--2011--157.2162.1Good100.0100000120091010
NBI reportNORTH AVENUEBYNUM RUN0.2 MILES EAST OF MD 924Prestressed Box Beam or girders - Single or Spread (2 spans)--2011--65.9136.2Good93.9200000H-0215010
NBI reportRUFFS MILL ROADTRIB / THOMAS RUN0.8 MILES SE OF US 1Prestressed Box Beam or girders - Single or Spread--2011--48.959.1Good87.2200000H-0190010
NBI reportSCHUCKS PARK ROADBROAD RUN0.2 MI. E. OF SCHUCKS RDConcrete Arch - Deck--2012--36.136.1Good89.9200000H-0700010
NBI reportMACTON ROADTRIB / BROAD CREEK0.31 MI SW OF MD 136Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--2014--33.138.7Good93.5200000H-0145010
NBI reportMD 7JAMES RUN0.28 MILE NORTH OF MD 136Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2014--55.158.4Good92.1100000120009010
NBI reportHARFORD CREAMERY RTRIB / LITTLE DEER CREEK0.5 MILES N OF LEMON RDPrestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2015--38.141.3Good95.2200000H-0104010
NBI report
WATERVALE ROADWINTERS RUN1.7 MILES N OF MD 152Prestressed Box Beam or girders - Single or Spread--2016--91.996.5Good87.7200000H-0063010