CarriesCrossesLocationDesignStatusYear BuiltYear Recon.Span Len.Total Len.ConditionSuff. RatingID
NBI reportPR 22DRAINAGE DITCH2 KM SOUTH WEST OF CATA¥Prestressed Mixed typesNR listed1197--29532.665629.8Fair73.0011811
NBI reportPR 22PR 53.2 KM S W OF CATA¥OConcrete Mixed typesNR listed1197--16409.6229687.1Fair869.0011821
NBI reportPR 5BUCHANNAN CHANNEL3.5 KM SOUTH OF CATANOPrestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1943--60.06.6Good95.0026731
NBI reportPR 888MALARIA CHANNEL1 KM NORTH OF CATAÑOConcrete Slab (3 spans)--1943--16.748.2Poor26.6003711
NBI reportPR 165AGUAS FRIAS CHANNEL4 KM WEST OF CATA&OConcrete Box beam or girders - Multiple (6 spans)--1957197443.3240.5Fair66.7007601
NBI reportPR 22MALARIA CREEK3 KM E INT PR 22 & PR 167Concrete Slab (4 spans)--1971--34.8129.6Fair73.0011781
NBI reportPR 22OIL PIPE LINES1.1 KM E INT PR22 & PR167Concrete Slab--1971--40.744.6Fair84.3011791
NBI reportPR 22DRAINAGE DITCH1 KM EAST FROM INT PR 167Concrete Slab (3 spans)--1971--35.893.8Fair84.0011801
NBI reportPR 22PR 869AT INT PR 22 AND PR 869Concrete Slab--1971--46.646.6Fair89.3011851
NBI reportRAMP PR 22 TO PR 5PR 22AT INT OF PR 22 WITH PR 5Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1971--100.1266.7Fair71.1011841
NBI reportPR 22 WESTBOUNDBAYAMON & HONDO RIVERS4.5 KM NORTH OF BAYAMONPrestressed Box Beam or girders - Single or Spread (6 spans)--19761988316.01438.4Fair94.8020011
NBI reportPR 165PR 5IN THE TOWN OF CATA¥OConcrete NR listed2197--22975.232923.2Fair83.0011361
NBI reportRAMP PR 22 TO PR 5PR 53.2 KM S W OF CATA¥OConcrete NR listed4197--9851.598449.4Fair587.0011831
NBI reportPR 165BAYAMON & HONDO RIVERS4 KM. N.W. OF CATAÑOPrestressed NR listed4200--13125.0131328.9Fair66.0027341
NBI reportPR 165LA MALARIA CHANNEL2 KM WEST OF CATA¥OPrestressed NR listed6197--26266.4164098.2Fair91.0011691
NBI reportLOCAL ROADUNNAMED CREEK4.5 KM WEST OF CATA¥OPrestressed Arch - Deck--9198--3282.3131242.6Good73.0018201