Crenshaw County

CarriesCrossesLocationDesignStatusYear BuiltYear Recon.Span Len.Total Len.ConditionSuff. RatingID
NBI reportUS 29 MP 68.688BRANCH0.9 MI. S. SR 106Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--192319389.821.0Fair98.8001682
NBI reportUS 29 MP 69.183BRANCH0.5 MI.S. SR 106Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--192319389.821.0Good89.3001683
NBI reportUS 29 MP 70.995POSSUM BRANCH1.4 MI. N. SR 106Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--192319389.821.0Good96.9001685
NBI reportUS 29 MP 63.897WOLFPIT CREEK0.1 MI. N. OF DOZIERConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--192419387.924.9Good93.5001687
NBI reportSR 10 MP 145.794SIKES MILL CREEK.5 MI.W.JCT.US 331Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--192919869.821.0Good97.7013733
NBI reportOLD DOZIER RD.THREE MILE CREEKOLD DOZIER RD.Wood Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1935--17.163.7Fair50.7001157
NBI reportOLD DOZIER RD.DOUBLE BRANCHOLD DOZIER RD.Wood Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1935--16.196.1Poor39.0001158
NBI reportHONEYJONESCREEKRD.HONEY JONES MILL CREEKHONEY JONES CREEK RD.Wood Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1937--15.144.9Poor23.0001529
NBI report
US 29 MP 61.252SEARIGHT BRANCH0.9 MI.N.OF CO.63Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1938--22.089.9Fair64.0001743
NBI report
US 29 MP 62.925HORNET CREEK0.4 MI.S.CREN. #77Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (6 spans)--1938--22.0133.9Fair65.0001744
NBI reportUS 29 MP 67.092DOUBLE BRANCH2.5 MI. S.SR 106Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (5 spans)--1938--22.0110.9Fair76.0001745
NBI reportUS 29 MP 67.958BUCK CREEK1.7 MI.S. SR 106Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1938--22.089.9Fair76.9001746
NBI reportUS 29 MP 70.308BUSHY CREEK RELIEF0.7 MI.N. SR 106Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (5 spans)--1938--22.0110.9Fair75.3001747
NBI reportUS 29 MP 66.012THREE MILE CREEK3 MI. S. SR. 106Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (6 spans)--1938194022.0133.9Fair76.0002119
NBI reportUS 331 MP 53.203BRANCH.2 MI.S.CRENSHAW 6Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1938196310.522.0Good72.1007846
NBI reportUS 331 MP 47.561BRANCH2 MI. N. OF BRANTLEYConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1938199914.129.9Fair78.7011728
NBI reportUS 331 MP 48.807BRANCH3.5 MI.N.OF BRANTLEYConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--193819999.830.8Fair78.7011729
NBI reportBURNOUT RD.MORGAN BRANCHBURNOUT RD.Wood Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1940--15.129.9Fair33.6002131
NBI reportSR 97 MP 1.364BRANCH1.4 MI.N.U.S.331Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1940--20.041.0Fair85.0002438
NBI reportSR 97 MP 6.444BRANCH6.5 MI.N.JCT.US331Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1940--9.820.7Fair98.2002439
NBI report
US 331 MP 55.159PATSALIGA CREEK.9 MI S OF SR 10Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1947--80.1756.9Fair46.7003021
NBI reportCOUNTY LAKE RD.DRY CREEK TRIBUTARYCOUNTY LAKE RD.Wood Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)Closed1948--16.132.2Fair25.0003169
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 59BLUE CREEKLAPINE HWY.Concrete Tee beam (3 spans)--1949--34.1102.0Fair68.7003468
NBI reportSR 106 MP 34.147SUCKER CREEK.6 MI.E.CRENSHAW 77Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1950--9.820.7Good99.6003863
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 39BEAVER BRANCH1 MILE S LUVERNEWood Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (6 spans)--1951--16.491.9Fair50.4004065
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 59BLUE CREEK TRIBUTARYLAPINE HWY.Steel Culvert (3 spans)--1951--14.142.0Fair85.9004082
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 6CONECUH RIVEREAST CURTIS RD.Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1951--37.4450.2Fair64.8004017
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 57PROVIDENCE CREEKGIN CREEK RDConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--1955--9.832.2Fair98.9005255
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 57SPINCER BRANCH TRIBUTARYS. GLENWOOD RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1955--12.125.9Fair96.7005256
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 57SANDY CREEKS. GLENWOOD RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1955--9.832.2Fair99.6005257
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 57CONECUH TRIBUTARYS. GLENWOOD RDConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1955--9.220.3Good99.4019965
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 57BUCK CREEKS. GLENWOOD RDConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1955--11.221.7Good99.4019966
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 57DEVLIN BRANCH TRIBUTARYS. GLENWOOD RDConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1955--11.221.7Fair94.3019967
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 57DELVIN BRANCHS. GLENWOOD RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--195519869.832.2Fair99.7013789
NBI reportSR 106 MP 27.663LITTLE PINEY WOODS CREEK1.MI.E.BUTLER CO.LINEConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--1956--9.831.2Fair97.8005622
NBI reportSR 106 MP 31.280BRANCH4.6 MI.E.BUTLER LINEConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1956--11.223.6Fair98.0005624
NBI reportSR 106 MP 27.329BRANCH.6 MI.E.BUTLER CO.LINEConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--195619779.220.0Good97.8011917
NBI reportSR 106 MP 29.464PINEY WOODS CREEK2.8 M.E.BUTLER CO.LINEConcrete Culvert (4 spans)--195619999.843.0Good97.8005623
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 50POND CREEKLIVE OAK RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1957--12.138.1Fair96.9005932
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 50POND CREEK TRIBUTARYLIVE OAK RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1957--9.832.2Fair97.0005933
NBI reportSR 106 MP 32.684PATSALIGA CR.RELIEF #1.4 MI W.CRENSHAW 77Concrete Tee beam (9 spans)--1957--34.1306.1Fair72.2006010
NBI reportSR 106 MP 32.899PATSALIGA CR.RELIEF #2.3 MI.W.CRENSHAW 77Concrete Tee beam (9 spans)--1957--34.1306.1Fair70.2006011
NBI reportSR 106 MP 33.071PATSALIGA CREEK.2 MI.W.CRENSHAW 77Concrete Tee beam (3 spans)--1957--60.0195.9Fair69.0006012
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 68RYALS MILL CREEKNEW EBENEZER RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1959--12.138.1Good99.9006651
NBI reportBARFIELD RD.PINTLALA CREEKBARFIELD RD.Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1960--26.954.1Fair44.4019340
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 11BEAVER BRANCHBURGAMY SWAMP RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1961--12.138.1Good93.9007347
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 11BEAVER BRANCH RELIEFBURGAMY SWAMP RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1961--12.138.1Good93.9007348
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 11BEAVER BRANCH RELIEFBURGAMY SWAMP RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1961--12.138.1Poor66.5007349
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 28BROADHEAD CREEKN. GOSHEN RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1962--9.832.2Fair94.8007696
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 30PINEY WOODS CREEKBODIFORD POOL RD.Concrete Tee beam (7 spans)--1962--34.1237.9Fair70.2007702
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 30BLUE CREEKBODIFORD POOL RD.Concrete Tee beam (7 spans)--1962--34.1237.9Good72.0007703
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 5CEDAR CREEKS. GOSHEN RD.Concrete Culvert (4 spans)--1962--12.150.9Fair96.8007639
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 57GIN CREEKGIN CREEK RDConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--1962--12.138.1Fair99.9007740
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 66DRY CREEKW. HELICON RD.Concrete Culvert (5 spans)--1962--14.174.2Fair80.5007752
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 68LITTLE PATSALIGA CREEKNEW EBENEZER RD.Concrete Channel beam (10 spans)--1962--15.1149.9Fair54.8007754
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 59TAN CREEK TRIBUTARYNEW BETHEL CHURCH RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1963--9.830.8Fair96.9008015
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 59TAN CREEKNEW BETHEL CHURCH RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1963--9.832.2Fair85.9008016
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 41SHINGLEPILE CREEKMT. IDA RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1964--12.136.1Fair97.0008336
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 41DRY CREEKMT. IDA RD.Concrete Culvert (5 spans)--1964--12.164.0Fair90.2008337
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 66RELIEF PATSALIGASHADY GROVE RD.Concrete Channel beam (10 spans)--1964--15.1149.9Fair56.6008387
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 83LIGHTWOOD KNOT CREEKMORGAN MILL RD.Concrete Culvert (5 spans)--1964--9.855.1Fair86.2008409
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 30POLEY CREEKBODIFORD POOL RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1965--12.125.9Good96.9008751
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 31TOMLIN MILL CREEKQUAIL TOWER RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1965--12.126.2Fair83.8008755
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 54STRINGER MILL CREEKDANIELVILLE RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1965--12.125.9Fair85.9008810
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 67MOSELEY MILL CREEKMOSELEY MILL RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1965--12.137.1Fair92.7008822
NBI reportEL BETHEL RD.CANE CREEKEL BETHEL RD.Concrete Channel beam (5 spans)--1965--15.175.1Fair85.0008626
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 1HORSE CREEKN GRAVELHILL RDConcrete Culvert (5 spans)--1966--12.163.0Fair88.2009033
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 7ELBOW CREEKHICKORY GROVE RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1966--12.125.9Good97.0009056
NBI reportPINEY WOODS RD.PINEY WOODS CREEKPINEY WOODS RD.Concrete Channel beam (3 spans)--1971--19.057.1Fair86.0010518
NBI reportBRADLEYTON RD.BLUE CREEKBRADLEYTON RD.Concrete Channel beam (3 spans)--1974--34.1102.0Fair80.0011153
NBI reportGUY RD.PONEY CREEKGUY RD.Concrete Channel beam (2 spans)--1974--19.038.1Fair86.0011152
NBI reportMARY DANIEL RD.LITTLE PATASALIGA CREEKMARY DANIEL RD.Concrete Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (15 spans)--1974--19.0285.1Fair97.0011150
NBI reportMOTHERSHED RD.LITTLE PATSALIGA CREEKMOTHERSHED RD.Concrete Channel beam--1974--24.024.0Fair92.0011149
NBI reportMULBERRY RD.PINEY WOODS CREEKMULBERRY RD.Concrete Channel beam (2 spans)--1974--34.167.9Fair87.0011148
NBI reportTHOMAS RD.SWEETWATER CREEKTHOMAS RD.Concrete Channel beam (9 spans)--1974--19.0170.9Fair85.9011151
NBI reportUS 331 MP 43.787CONECUH RIVER.5 MI.N.JCT.SR 189Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1974--100.1839.0Fair86.7011193
NBI reportPOUNCEY RD.PINEY WOODS CREEKPOUNCEY RD.Concrete Channel beam (2 spans)--1975--24.047.9Poor55.3011365
NBI reportCLUB POND RD.MOODY MILL CREEKCLUB POND RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1978--7.925.9Fair97.0011942
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 68BEAVER BRANCHNEW EBENEZER RDConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--1979--9.832.2Good99.9012203
NBI reportCLUB POND RD.BRYAN MILL CREEKCLUB POND RD.Concrete Channel beam (3 spans)--1980--34.1102.0Fair84.0012332
NBI reportPOND CREEK RD.POND CREEKPOND CREEK ROADConcrete Channel beam (3 spans)--1980--34.1102.0Fair92.0012333
NBI reportFAULK RD.RYALS MILL CREEKFAULK RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1983--7.924.9Good95.0012866
NBI reportKILCREASE RD.BLAZE BRANCHKILCREASE RD.Concrete Channel beam--1983--24.024.0Fair80.9012928
NBI reportMCGOUGH RD.HORSE CREEKMCGOUGH RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1983--9.837.1Fair97.0012862
NBI reportMORGAN MILL RD.LASTER BRANCHMORGAN MILL RD.Concrete Channel beam (3 spans)--1983--24.071.9Good92.0012868
NBI reportDANIEL BRANCH RD.DANIELS MILL BRANCHDANIEL BRANCH RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1984--12.138.1Fair96.0013099
NBI reportGOLDEN RD.CEDAR CREEKGOLDEN RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1984--9.832.2Fair97.0013191
NBI reportPOWELL RD.BRYANT MILL CREEKPOWELL RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1984--9.832.2Fair96.4013097
NBI reportSR 141 MP 12.050LIGHTWOOD KNOT CREEK0.8 MI.N.COFFEE CO.L.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1984--9.833.8Good99.7013385
NBI reportFROST RD.HUCKLEBERRY CREEKFROST RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1985--8.922.0Good97.0013459
NBI reportSR 10 MP 143.452LITTLE PATSALIGA CREEK.5 MI.W.OF RUTLEDGEPrestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (12 spans)--1985--41.0492.1Good98.3013594
NBI reportAIKEN RD.LITTLE PINEY WOODS CREEKAIKEN RD.Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1986--26.926.9Fair31.2013850
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 4LITTLE PATSALIGA CREEKOLD MERIWETHER TR.Steel Culvert (2 spans)--1986--16.134.1Fair80.5013785
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 57SPINCER BRANCHS. GLENWOOD RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1986--9.832.2Fair99.8013788
NBI reportTAYLORS CROSSROADSLITTLE PATSALIGA CREEKTAYLORS CROSSROADConcrete Channel beam (3 spans)--1986--34.1102.0Fair93.0013849
NBI reportPROVITT RD.DRY CREEKPROVITT RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1987--12.125.9Good97.0014173
NBI reportPROVITT RD.DRY CREEK RELIEFPROVITT RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1987--12.125.9Good97.0014174
NBI reportTURKEY CREEK RD.BEAR CREEKTURKEY CREEK RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1988--14.130.8Good99.0014476
NBI reportTURNER HILL RD.BRUSHY CREEKTURNER HILL RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1988--12.139.0Good100.0014475
NBI reportFERRENE RD.SIKES MILL CREEKFERRENE RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1989--14.125.9Good94.0014793
NBI reportHORNE RD.MCCARTER CREEKHORNE RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1989--12.139.0Good98.0014795
NBI reportKIMBRO RD.CROOKED RUN CREEKKIMBRO RD.Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1989--26.926.9Fair77.2014796
NBI reportLOWMAN LOOP RD.SINA CREEKLOWMAN LOOP RD.Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1989--26.926.9Fair31.6014797
NBI reportOLD SPRINGHILL RD.PINEY WOODS CREEKOLD SPRINGHILL RD.Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1989--26.955.1Fair41.4014792
NBI reportATHENS CHURCH RD.BROADHEAD BRANCHATHENS CHURCH RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1990--8.919.0Fair97.0015069
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 31MILL CREEKQUAIL TOWER RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1990--14.126.6Good96.9015176
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 59CAT CREEKLAPINE HWY.Concrete Channel beam (2 spans)--1990--34.167.9Fair99.8015199
NBI reportMAGNOLIA DRIVEJORDAN CREEK TRIBUTARYMAGNOLIA DRIVEConcrete Channel beam--1990--34.134.1Good100.0015070
NBI reportSR 189 MP 32.177MOODY'S MILL CREEK1.0 MI. S. U.S. 331Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1990--14.128.5Good99.7015243
NBI reportSWANNER BRIDGE RD.IVY CREEKSWANNER BRIDGE RD.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1990--8.928.9Good99.7015068
NBI reportCR 55JORDAN CREEKMAGNOLIA SHORES RD.Concrete Channel beam--1991--24.024.0Good95.0015346
NBI reportKELLEY RD.PINEY WOODS CREEKKELLEY RD.Concrete Channel beam--1991--34.134.1Good100.0015339
NBI reportMULBERRY RD.BURGAN BRANCHMULBERRY RD.Concrete Channel beam--1991--24.024.0Fair94.9015342
NBI reportMULBERRY RD.BURGAN BRANCH RELIEFMULBERRY RD.Concrete Channel beam--1991--24.024.0Good94.9015343
NBI reportMULBERRY RD.MULBERRY CREEK TRIBUTARYMULBERRY RD.Concrete Channel beam--1991--24.024.0Fair83.9015344
NBI reportPATTON RD.ELBOW CREEKPATTON RD.Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1991--26.926.9Fair34.0015340
NBI reportWALLACE RD.DOUBLE BRANCHWALLACE RD.Concrete Channel beam--1991--34.134.1Good95.0015341
NBI reportWILLIAMSON RD.CANE CREEK TRIBUTARYWILLIAMSON RD.Concrete Channel beam--1991--24.024.0Good95.0015345
NBI reportBLACK ROCK RD.CANE CREEKBLACKROCK RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1992--12.125.9Good97.0015514
NBI reportBRADLEYTON RD.PINEY WOODS CREEKBRADLEYTON RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1992--14.129.9Good95.9015513
NBI reportHOLLAND BRIDGE RD.PANTHER CREEKHOLLAND BRIDGE RD.Concrete Channel beam (2 spans)--1992--24.047.9Good99.9016657
NBI reportLITTLE HORSE CREEKHORSE CREEKLITTLE HORSE CREEK RD.Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1992--26.926.9Fair28.5015515
NBI reportMARY DANIEL RD.TOWN CREEKMARY DANIEL RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1992--12.125.9Good96.0015512
NBI reportMITCHELL RD.BUSHY CREEK TRIBUTARYMITCHELL RD.Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1992--9.822.0Good95.0015511
NBI reportBEST RD.MILL BRANCHBEST RD.Concrete Channel beam (2 spans)--1993--24.047.9Fair99.9016668
NBI reportCOUNTY RD 6GIN CREEKNORTH GLENWOOD RD.Wood Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1993--40.0160.1Good88.3016655
NBI reportPETTY RD.STRINGER MILL CREEKPETTY RD.Concrete Channel beam--1993--24.024.0Fair99.9016653
NBI reportGLENWOOD AVESTREAMLUVERNEWood Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1995--24.024.0Good86.2016565
NBI reportSPRING CREEK LOOPSPRING CREEKSPRING CREEK LOOPConcrete Channel beam--1995--24.024.0Fair88.9016652
NBI reportCO RD 77HORSE CREEKIVY CREEK RD.Concrete Culvert (4 spans)--1996--17.469.9Good80.8016667
NBI reportFAIRVIEW CHURCH RDDRY CREEKFAIRVIEW CHURCH RD.Concrete Channel beam (2 spans)--1996--24.047.9Fair99.9016654
NBI reportHOLLAND BRIDGE RD.INDIAN CREEKHOLLAND BRIDGE RD.Concrete Channel beam (2 spans)--1996--24.047.9Fair99.9016656
NBI reportUS 29 MP 71.440DRY CREEK RELIEF1.9 MI.N. SR.106Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1996--12.137.1Good97.9016490
NBI reportUS 29 MP 71.628DRY CREEKS CITY LIMITS BRANTLEYPrestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (6 spans)--1996--41.0246.1Good97.2016491
NBI reportPARKER CREEK RD.PARKER CREEKPARKER CREEK RD.Wood Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1997--24.324.3Good83.6017096
NBI reportS. HAWKINS AVE.STREAMLUVERNEConcrete Channel beam--1997----24.0Good84.5017203
NBI reportUS 29 MP 70.029BUSHY CREEK0.5 MI N JCT SR 106Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1998--12.137.1Good98.7016600
NBI reportWOODFORD AVE.JONES CREEKLUVERNEConcrete Channel beam (2 spans)--1998--16.131.8Good83.5017204
NBI reportUS 331 MP 47.981DRY CREEK2.4 MI.N. OF BRANTLEYConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--1999--14.845.9Fair78.7017584
NBI reportEL BETHEL ROADCANE CREEK TRIBUTARYEL BETHEL RD.Concrete Channel beam--2000--34.134.1Good89.8017874
NBI reportSETTLEMENT ROADPIGPEN CREEKSETTLEMENT RD.Concrete Channel beam--2000--40.040.0Good87.8017872
NBI reportWILLIAMSON RD.CANE CREEK TRIBUTARYWILLIAMSON RD.Concrete Channel beam--2000--34.134.1Good89.8017873
NBI reportWRIGHT ROADBRAIR BRANCHWRIGHT RD.Concrete Channel beam--2000--34.134.1Fair89.9017871
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 11GIN CREEKCENTENARY RD.Concrete Channel beam (2 spans)--2001--40.080.1Good94.0017961
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 7SKIPPER MILL BRANCHCENTER RIDGE RDConcrete Channel beam (2 spans)--2001--34.167.9Fair93.7017921
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 77PANTHER CREEKIVY CREEK RD.Concrete Channel beam (2 spans)--2001--34.167.9Fair100.0017962
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 77SILOAM CREEKIVY CREEK RD.Concrete Channel beam (2 spans)--2001--34.167.9Fair94.0017963
NBI reportCR 11CANE CREEKCENTENARY RD.Concrete Channel beam (5 spans)--2001--40.0200.1Good94.0018192
NBI reportCOUNTY RD 59CORNETT MILL CREEKPETREY HWY.Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--2002--14.144.9Good96.5018347
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 77BEDSOLE BRANCHIVY CREEK RD.Concrete Channel beam--2002--24.024.0Good98.8018572
NBI reportSURLES ROADBEDSOLE BRANCHSURLES RDWood Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--2002--75.175.1Good99.4018178
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 59TURKEY CREEKPETREY HWY.Concrete Culvert (4 spans)--2003--14.159.1Good87.7018541
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 59BEAR CREEKPETREY HWY.Concrete Culvert (4 spans)--2003--16.166.9Good87.7018542
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 6CONECUH RIVER RELIEFEAST CURTIS RD.Concrete Channel beam (7 spans)--2003--40.0279.9Good91.2018708
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 59PATSALIGA CREEKPETREY HIGHWAYPrestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (12 spans)--2006--40.0480.0Good90.4019354
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 6PROVIDENCE CREEKNORTH GLENWOOD RD.Concrete Channel beam (2 spans)--2009--40.080.1Good90.4020200
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 66BLUE CREEKOLIVER MYERS ROADConcrete Channel beam (4 spans)--2009--40.0160.1Good98.6020140
NBI reportGOURDNECK ROADPOND CREEKGOURDNECK ROADConcrete Channel beam (3 spans)--2009--19.057.1Fair94.9020285
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD #50LITTLE PATSALIGA CREEKHONORAVILLE RD.Concrete Channel beam (8 spans)--2013--40.0319.9Good81.9020728
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD #50SWEETWATER CREEKHONORAVILLE RD.Concrete Channel beam (5 spans)--2013--40.0200.1Good83.6020729
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 59CEDAR CREEKPETREY HWYConcrete Culvert--2014--9.832.2Good99.5020731
NBI reportCR 59Bee CreekPetrey HighwayConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--2014--9.830.8Good97.5020730
NBI reportCounty Road 59BLUE CREEKPetrey HighwayPrestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (8 spans)--2015--40.0319.9Good98.5020671
NBI reportCR 59BLUE CREEK RELIEFPetrey HighwayConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--2015--14.142.0Good97.4020799
NBI reportCR 59BLUE CREEK RELIEFPetrey HighwayConcrete Culvert (4 spans)--2016--14.156.1Good96.8020798
NBI reportCR 59BLUE CREEK RELIEFPetrey HighwayConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--2016--14.142.0Good97.4020800
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 35LITTLE PATSALIGA CREEKSWANNER BRIDGE ROADConcrete Channel beam (4 spans)--2017--40.0160.1Good100.0021026
NBI reportSEXTON BRIDGE ROADLITTLE PATSALIGA CREEKSEXTON BRIDGE ROADConcrete Channel beam (9 spans)--2017--40.0359.9Good94.0021025
NBI reportSwanner Bridge RdHorse CreekSwanner Bridge RdConcrete Channel beam (3 spans)--2017--40.0120.1Good100.0021022
NBI reportTEAGUE RD.CANE CREEKTEAGUE RD.Concrete Channel beam--2017--40.040.0Good100.0020917
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 59DRY CREEKLAPINE HIGHWAYConcrete Channel beam (7 spans)--2018--40.0279.9Good93.7020761
NBI reportWEST ROBINSON ROADGIN CREEKWEST ROBINSON ROADConcrete Channel beam--2018--40.040.0Good98.0021028