Madison County

CarriesCrossesLocationDesignStatusYear BuiltYear Recon.Span Len.Total Len.ConditionSuff. RatingID
NBI report
CO RD16 Madison CoGLADE CREEK2.5 SE HINDSVILLEConcrete Tee beam (3 spans)--1924--29.989.9Fair72.8000000000015026
NBI report
CR1650 Madison Co.WAR EAGLE CREEK2 MI W JCT 127 & 412Concrete Arch - Deck (2 spans)NR listed1924--69.9206.0Fair60.2000000000015035
NBI report
CR 567 Madison Co.COON CREEK1.91 MI SE WASHINGTON COConcrete Tee beam (3 spans)NR listed1929--39.098.1Fair71.8000000000001069
NBI reportSH 16 Madison Co.DITCH.50 MI NW OF DELANEYConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1929--9.821.0Fair76.30000000000M0432
NBI report
SH 295 Madison Co.BRUSH CREEK6.52 MI N WESLEY ARK.Concrete Tee beam (3 spans)--1929198035.1105.0Fair92.3000000000001183
NBI report
SH 21 MadisonMAXWELL CRN OUTSKIRTS OF KINGSTONSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1934--29.962.0Poor33.0000000000001886
NBI report
SH 74 Madison Co.RICHLAND CREEK1.0 MI E OF WASHINGTON COSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1934195860.0232.0Poor53.2000000000003244
NBI report
SH 16 MadisonWHITE RIVER5.93 MI E OF JCT SH 23Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1935--58.1161.1Poor44.8000000000001908
NBI report
Madison Co Rd 16GLADE CREEK2.5 MI SE HINDSVILLEConcrete Tee beam--1939--34.136.1Fair64.7000000000015025
NBI reportCO RD42 Madison CoCLEAR CREEK2.9 MI W SH 23Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1941--24.025.9Fair66.4000000000018934
NBI reportMadison CR 43-DCLIFTY CREEK.01 MI. Nrth of SH 12Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1941--9.828.9Poor44.8000000000015030
NBI reportMadison CORD 10BRUSH CREEK6MI SW OF HINDSVILLEConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1942--12.125.9Fair88.5000000000015024
NBI reportCR7250 Madison Co.DITCH8.65 MI SE WASHINGTON COConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--1947--11.232.2Good88.50000000000M1258
NBI reportSH 16 MadisonCROSSES CREEK4.35 MI SE WASHINGTON COConcrete Tee beam (5 spans)--1948198335.1177.2Fair85.1000000000000878
NBI reportMadison CRD 5205-FTHOMAS CREEK4 MI N OF PATRICKSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1950--14.130.8Fair24.3000000000015038
NBI reportMadison SH 23DITCH5.42 MI SW OF US412 JCTConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1950--15.128.9Fair79.60000000000M0555
NBI reportSH 16 Madison CoDITCH5.14 E JCT SH 16 & 23Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1950--11.221.0Fair89.60000000000M0436
NBI reportU.S. 412 MadisonCREEK0.1 MI SW JCT SH127&US412Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1950--12.124.0Fair81.80000000000M1260
NBI reportMadison CO RD 18-BSPANKER4.41 SO E US 412Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1950197018.040.0Poor21.4000000000015028
NBI reportMadison CORD 19-BBRANCH2MI W SH21Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1950198820.023.0Poor23.9000000000015029
NBI reportMadison CR 223 ZBCREEKJCT US 412Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1950198825.947.9Poor37.3000000000015034
NBI reportCO RD 18 MadisonCoCREEK2.6 MI S US 412Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1950200724.025.9Fair37.9000000000015027
NBI reportU.S. 412 MadisonDITCH3.4 MI E JCT SH127&US412Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1951--13.137.1Fair76.00000000000M1261
NBI reportSH 16 Madison CoDITCH2.82 MI E JCT OF SH 23Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1952--11.221.0Good85.80000000000M0435
NBI reportSH 16 Madison CoDITCH1.97 MI E JCT OF SH 23Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1954--11.232.2Fair79.30000000000M0434
NBI reportMadison Co SH 23DITCH11.65 MI N FRANKLIN COConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--1955--13.137.1Fair82.70000000000M0553
NBI reportMadison Co. SH 23DITCHN OF ST PAUL CITY LIMITConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1955--9.821.0Fair60.90000000000M0551
NBI reportSH 16 Madison CoDITCH.73 E JCT SH 23 & 16Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1955--11.221.0Good74.70000000000M0433
NBI reportSH 23 MadisonSLOW TOM CR.75 MI S OF WITTERConcrete Slab (2 spans)--1955--27.956.1Poor21.2000000000002947
NBI reportSH 23 Madison CoDITCH11.06 MI NE OF FRANKLIN CConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1955--15.128.9Fair80.80000000000M0552
NBI report
SH 23-Madison Co.HAWKINS HOLLOW CR.01 S JCT OF SH 16Concrete Slab (4 spans)--1955--27.9111.9Poor39.0000000000002946
NBI reportMadison CORD 347DRAKES CREEK1.4 M S OF GEORGETOWNSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1956--21.025.9Fair62.7000000000015041
NBI reportSH 21 Madison CoKINGS RIVER2.96 MI S JCT US412&SH21Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (6 spans)--1959--49.9302.2Fair57.2000000000003263
NBI report328-F Madison Co.WHITE RIVER.52MI NO CROSSESSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1960--19.040.0Poor15.6000000000015040
NBI reportCO RD 199 MadisonTHORNEY CREEK3 M SW WESLEYSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1960--24.949.9Fair68.7000000000015033
NBI reportMadison Co SH 74DITCH2.9 MI NE OF SH 295Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1960--11.221.0Good76.90000000000M1403
NBI reportMadison Co. SH 21BOATRIGHT CREEK2.8 MI S JCT US412 & SH21Concrete Slab (3 spans)--1960--27.984.0Fair71.4000000000003367
NBI reportMadison CORD 314MCHENRY CREEK4.0 MI SE WESLEYSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1960--25.927.9Poor37.8000000000015037
NBI reportMadison SH 21KINGS RIVER2.75 MI N JCT SH 21-74Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (6 spans)--1960--49.9302.2Fair59.6000000000003366
NBI reportSH 74 Madison Co.HOLMAN CREEK2 MI W HUNTSVILLEConcrete Channel beam (6 spans)--1960--19.0113.9Poor42.4000000000003420
NBI reportState Highway 74Pigeon Creek-Madison Co.3.33 MI SE WASHINGTON COConcrete Channel beam (4 spans)--1960--19.076.1Poor60.0000000000003419
NBI reportU.S. 412 MadisonWAR EAGLE CREEK1.2 MI W SH 127&US412Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (7 spans)--1960--65.0357.0Fair74.0000000000003345
NBI reportCR 309-Madison Co.HOCK CREEK8 MI SW HUNTSVILLESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1960199421.023.0Poor40.0000000000015036
NBI reportMadison Co SH 21DITCH1.48 MI SO US412 & 21 JCTConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1961--12.124.0Fair97.00000000000M0521
NBI reportMadison SH 21DITCH.01 MI SO JCT US412&21Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1961--11.221.0Good75.00000000000M0522
NBI reportMadison Co SH 74DITCH1.9 MI NE OF SH 295Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1962--15.128.9Fair86.20000000000M1402
NBI reportMadison Co SH 74DITCH3.0 MI NE OF SH 295Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1962--17.133.1Good76.90000000000M1404
NBI reportMadison Co SH 74DITCH1.8 MI W JCT US 412 & 74Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1962--12.124.0Fair90.00000000000M1405
NBI reportMadison SH 16WHITE RIVER6.57 MI E JCT SH 23-16Concrete Slab (5 spans)--1962--24.9125.0Poor49.3000000000003657
NBI reportSH 16 Madison CoDitch6.37 MI E OF SH 23Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1962--9.821.0Good79.30000000000M0437
NBI report
SH 23 Madison Co.WAR EAGLE CREEK4.08 MI N JCT US 412Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (6 spans)--1962--89.9392.1Poor59.7000000000003583
NBI reportMadison Co. SH 23CREEK0.53 MI NO OF FRANKLIN COSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1963--27.929.9Poor46.80000000000M0547
NBI reportCORD 454 MadisonClift Creek - Madison Co.01 MI N SH 12Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1964--24.926.9Poor22.2000000000015043
NBI reportSH 16 Madison CoDitch7.19 E OF SH 23Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1964--9.821.0Fair92.20000000000M0440
NBI reportSH 12 Madison Co.STANLEY CREEK1.2 MI W OF CLIFTYConcrete Slab (4 spans)--1964--24.9100.1Fair67.4000000000003870
NBI reportSH 12 Madison Co.STANLEY CREEKW CITY LIMITS CLIFTY ARK.Concrete Slab (3 spans)--1964--24.975.1Poor37.8000000000003871
NBI reportSH 12 Madison Co.DITCH.75 MI W CLIFTYSteel Culvert (4 spans)--1964--4.922.0Fair96.00000000000X0701
NBI reportSH 16 Madison CoCREEK6.89MI E SH 23 & 16 JCTConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--1964--13.137.1Fair92.20000000000M0439
NBI report
SH 45 Madison Co.WAR EAGLE CREEK3.02 MI N JCT OF SH412&45Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (7 spans)--1964--75.1506.9Poor48.6000000000003755
NBI reportSH 16 Madison CoDITCH.34 MT SE WASHINGTON COConcrete Culvert (2 spans)--1965--9.821.0Fair85.80000000000M0431
NBI reportSH 45 Madison Co.DITCH2.83 MI N JCT US412&SH45Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1965--15.144.9Fair67.60000000000M0913
NBI reportHntsvle Labarge StTOWN BRANCH Madison Co100 FEET W OF US 412 BConcrete Channel beam (2 spans)--1966--19.038.1Fair55.6000000000019263
NBI reportSH 21 Madison Co.DRY FORK CREEK2 MI SE JCT SH 21-74Concrete Slab (3 spans)--1969--27.984.0Fair72.7000000000005019
NBI reportSH 295 Madison CoFOSTER CREEKSO EAST OF GEORGETOWN,ARKConcrete Slab (4 spans)--1973--35.1140.1Fair71.1000000000005505
NBI reportSH 295 Madison Co.HOCK CREEK0.10 MI SE JCT SH 74Concrete Slab (5 spans)--1973--32.2160.1Fair46.1000000000005506
NBI reportSH 74 Madison CoWHARTON CREEK6.5 MI E JCT SH 23 & 74Concrete Slab (3 spans)--1974--29.989.9Fair92.3000000000005511
NBI reportSH 295 Madison CoGREASY CREEK1.5 MI N COMBS ARKConcrete Slab (3 spans)--1974--35.1105.0Fair78.2000000000005604
NBI reportSH 295 Madison Co.E FORK GREASY2.3 MI NE COMBS ARKConcrete Slab (3 spans)--1974--35.1105.0Fair78.2000000000005605
NBI reportSH 74 Madison CoCREEK6.23MI E JCT SH 23 & 74Concrete Culvert (5 spans)--1974--8.944.0Good82.40000000000X0280
NBI reportState Highway 74Wharton Creek-Madison Co2.98 MI E SH 23Concrete Slab (6 spans)--1974--35.1210.0Fair93.0000000000005510
NBI reportState Highway 295White River-Madison Co.0.25 MI N JCT SH 16 & 295Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (6 spans)--1974--65.0392.1Fair73.1000000000005603
NBI reportMadison Co. SH 74KINGS RIVER11.21 E JCT SH 74 & SH 23Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (7 spans)--1975--47.9337.9Poor48.3000000000005554
NBI reportMadison Co. SH 74BRANCH11.35 E JCT SH 23 & 74Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1975--9.821.0Fair91.00000000000X0409
NBI reportMadison Co SH 74DRY CREEK13.3 E JCT SH 23 & 74Concrete Slab (4 spans)--1977--35.1140.1Fair94.0000000000005555
NBI reportCR 314 Madison Co.BRANCH OF THOMAS CREEK4.8 MI N OF PATRICKSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1978--26.929.9Fair63.7000000000020067
NBI reportCR 325 Madison Co.HOG CREEK1 MI SE PATRICKSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1978--25.929.9Fair75.9000000000020267
NBI reportMadison CR 325 - FDABNEY CREEK.5 MI NO PATRICKConcrete Culvert (4 spans)--1978--15.161.0Fair85.8000000000018879
NBI reportState Highway 74Branch-Madison Co.10.2MI E JCT SH 74 & 23Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1978--8.926.9Fair82.40000000000X0408
NBI reportMadison CR RD 12 ECREEK1.44 MI SO 412 BSteel Culvert (2 spans)--1979--8.920.0Fair88.8000000000019880
NBI reportCR 314-Madison Co.THOMAS CREEK4.5 N OF PATRICKSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1980--15.134.1Poor54.9000000000020068
NBI reportSH 295 Madison CoCHERRY CREEK0.5 N JCT SH 74Concrete Slab (5 spans)--1980--29.9149.9Fair97.2000000000005821
NBI reportSH 295 Madison CoSINKING CREEK3.5MI NO JCT 74 & 295Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1980--8.926.9Fair82.10000000000X0414
NBI reportCR 235-Madison Co.BIG ONION CREEK2 MI SOUTH US 412Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1983--22.025.9Fair81.0000000000019878
NBI reportMadison Co SH 23WEST FLEMING CR1.14 N FRANKLIN CO LINEConcrete Slab (3 spans)--1983--35.1105.0Fair93.8000000000005934
NBI reportSH 16 Madison CoPOSSUM CREEKSE OUTSKIRTS OF PATRICKConcrete Slab (5 spans)--1983--29.9149.9Fair96.3000000000005932
NBI reportSH 16 Madison Co.DELANEY CREEKNE OUTSKIRTS OF DELANEYConcrete Slab (5 spans)--1983--35.1174.9Fair95.2000000000005931
NBI reportSH 16 Madison Co.MILL CREEK10.52 SO OF WASHINGTON COConcrete Slab (5 spans)--1983--33.1165.0Fair96.5000000000005933
NBI reportSH 16 Madison Co.SKINNER BRANCH2.75 MI SE WASHINGTON COConcrete Culvert (4 spans)--1983--11.243.0Fair95.90000000000X0562
NBI reportSH 16 Madison Co.HICKORY CREEK8.78 MI SE WASHINGTON COConcrete Culvert (5 spans)--1983--12.161.0Fair92.20000000000X0563
NBI reportCR 441 MadisonWHITENER BRANCH.44 MI E SH 295 NConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--1984--15.144.9Good91.40000000000X0565
NBI reportCR 441 MadisonWHITENER BRANCH1.14 MI E JCT SH 295 NConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--1984--11.232.2Good79.60000000000X0566
NBI reportMadison CR 4605 ZGWHITE RIVER0.10 MILE S SH 16Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1984--34.138.1Fair65.9000000000020606
NBI reportSH 127 Madison CoHENDERSON CR.45 MI E HWY 23Steel Culvert (5 spans)--1984--14.183.0Poor49.20000000000X0548
NBI reportSH 295 MadisonWHITENER BRANCH0.8MI SO JCT US412&SH295Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1984--11.222.0Good82.70000000000X0564
NBI reportSH 295 Madison CoDITCH1.25 MI N JCT 295&45Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--1986--8.925.9Good82.70000000000X0682
NBI reportState Highway 303Richland Creek-Madison0.2 MI SO SH 303 & SH 74Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (9 spans)--1986--49.9452.1Fair91.6000000000006137
NBI reportWValley Rd MadisonWHITENER BRANCH.08 MI WEST US 412BConcrete Culvert (4 spans)--1987--12.146.9Good93.90000000000X0677
NBI reportMadison Co. SH 16CANNON CREEK1.91 MI SE WASHINGTON COConcrete Culvert (4 spans)--1988--7.930.8Fair98.00000000000X0650
NBI reportCR 314 Madison Co.WHITE RIVER.1 MI NORTH PATRICKConcrete Channel beam (4 spans)--1991--19.076.1Poor49.6000000000021026
NBI reportSH 23 Madison Co.HOLMAN CREEK2.18 MI NO JCT US 412& 23Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (6 spans)--1991--44.9273.0Fair99.7000000000006340
NBI reportSH 23 Madison Co.SMYRNA CREEK2.69 MI N JCT US 412Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1991--35.1107.0Fair99.7000000000006341
NBI reportCR 245 Madison Co.KINGS RIVER.08 MI S SH 21Steel Orthotropic--1992--86.988.9Fair38.5000000000021162
NBI reportSH 23 MadisonWHITE RIVER4.26 M N OF FRANKLIN COSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (5 spans)--1992--65.0328.1Good90.2000000000006370
NBI reportCR 7 Madison Co.FERREL CREEK1.9 MI SW JCT SH 23&CORD7Steel Orthotropic--1993--26.929.9Fair71.2000000000021479
NBI reportSH 23 Madison Co.SEALS CREEK Madison Co17.64 MI N OF FRANKLIN LNSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1993--38.1116.1Good98.2000000000006408
NBI reportMadison Co. SH 23HENDERSON CREEK.1 MI SO JCT 127 & 23Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1994--61.0231.0Fair98.2000000000006409
NBI reportSH 23 MadisonKECKS CREEK0.2 MI S WITTERSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1994--48.9149.9Good97.0000000000006407
NBI reportCR 7/5551 MadisonWAR EAGLE CREEK1.0 M NW AURORASteel Orthotropic (2 spans)--1995--82.0136.2Poor25.9000000000021595
NBI reportMadison CO RD 192DRAKES CREEK.08 MI W OF SH 295Steel Orthotropic--1996--86.0107.9Poor25.5000000000021806
NBI reportMadison CR 330EAST GREASY CREEK0.05 MI W S H 295Steel Orthotropic--1996--47.950.9Poor37.9000000000021884
NBI reportMadison CR 347BRANCH0.2 MI W JCT CR347&SH 295Steel Orthotropic--1996--47.950.9Fair50.2000000000021883
NBI reportSH 23 MadisonREL STR FLEMING CRK3.19 M N FRANKLIN COConcrete Culvert (5 spans)--1996--5.938.1Good95.10000000000X0898
NBI reportSH 23 Madison CoFLEMING CREEK3.4 MI N OF FRANKLINSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (4 spans)--1996--65.0242.1Good96.8000000000006512
NBI reportSH 23 Madison CoDITCH2.40 MI N OF FRANKLIN COConcrete Culvert (5 spans)--1996--9.847.9Good89.50000000000X0892
NBI reportSH 23 Madison Co.DITCH2.72 MI N OF FRANKLIN COConcrete Culvert (4 spans)--1996--8.935.1Fair77.90000000000X0891
NBI reportUS 412 Madison Co.HOLMAN CREEK & SH 23JCT US 412 & SH 23Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (5 spans)--1998--91.9421.9Good81.7000000000006639
NBI reportCR 176 Madison Co.WAR EAGLE CREEK1 MI NW WITTERSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1999--48.9147.0Poor21.9000000000022128
NBI reportCR 270 Madison Co.KINGS RIVER0.2 MI N JCT US 412Steel Orthotropic (2 spans)--1999--57.1110.9Poor16.8000000000022944
NBI reportCR 7 MadisonJACKSON CREEK3 MI S JCT SH 23 & CR 7Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1999--44.045.9Fair65.8000000000022213
NBI reportCR 180 Madison CoDRAKES CREEK2 MI S OF GEORGETOWNSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--2000--67.970.9Fair77.0000000000022256
NBI reportCR 180 Madison Co.DRAKES CREEK0.1 MI N JAPTONSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--2001--34.136.1Fair81.1000000000022420
NBI reportMadison SH 23WAR EAGLE CREEK4.0 MI N JCT SH 16Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (6 spans)--2001--125.0732.0Good97.0000000000006798
NBI reportUS 412 S4 MadisonONION CREEK2.5 MI W JCT SH 21Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--2001--56.1152.9Good86.8000000000006787
NBI reportUS 412 Madison Co.KINGS RIVER1.7 Mi W Jct SH 21Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (5 spans)--2001--91.9421.9Fair86.8000000000006788
NBI report412 B MadisonTOWN BRANCHJCT S H 23 & U S 412 BConcrete Culvert (4 spans)--2005--9.839.0Good79.70000000000X1261
NBI reportCR 4425 Madison CoFLEMING CREEK1.0 MI EAST JCT S H 23Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--2005--38.140.0Poor48.5000000000023405
NBI reportMadison CO RD 328WHITE RIVER.48 MI N CROSSESConcrete Frame--2005--38.141.0Fair59.6000000000022799
NBI reportUS412B Madison Co.HOLMAN CREEK2.12 MI NW US 412 & 23Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--2005--84.0212.0Good99.4000000000006621
NBI reportCR 182-Madison Co.JACKSON CREEK1.2 MI NW AURORASteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--2006--48.952.2Fair79.8000000000023037
NBI reportCR 253 MadisonWAR EAGLE CREEK3 MI E HUNTSVILLESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--2006--78.1332.0Fair72.7000000000023009
NBI reportCR 8660 MadisonTOWN BRANCH0.1 MI W JCT S H 23Steel Culvert (2 spans)--2006--8.922.6Good100.0000000000023035
NBI reportCR 2185 Madison CoBRANCH1.2 MI N JCT S H 74Steel Orthotropic--2007--47.950.9Fair39.7000000000023404
NBI reportMadison CR 3655KINGS RIVER2.8 MI S JCT SH 74Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--2007--74.2150.9Fair85.2000000000023139
NBI reportCR 25 Madison Co.KINGS RIVER7.6 MI N E ALABAMSteel Orthotropic--2008--85.088.9Fair48.5000000000023140
NBI reportMadison CR 451CLIFTY CREEK0.12 MI N JCT SH 12Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--2009--35.137.1Fair81.1000000000023341
NBI reportCR 2340 Madison CoBERRY BRANCH1 MI E JCT US 412Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--2010--33.136.1Poor54.4000000000023402
NBI reportCR 3370 Madison CoKecks Creek3 M E JCT SH 23Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girderClosed2010--39.041.0Fair25.2000000000023406
NBI reportCrossbow Madison CTOWN BRANCH.02 MI E JCT SH 23Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--2011--24.928.9Fair96.0000000000023408
NBI reportCR 4645 Madison CoWHITE RIVER0.03 Mi S SH 16& CR4645Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--2012--30.853.2Good81.0000000000023559
NBI reportU S 412 MadisonBRANCH5.7 M E WASHINGTON COConcrete Culvert (3 spans)--2012--8.926.9Fair77.60000000000X1389
NBI reportUS 412 MadisonBRANCH8.3 M E WASHINGTON COConcrete Culvert (5 spans)--2012--9.876.1Fair74.10000000000X1390
NBI reportUS 412 WB MadisonGLADE CREEK6.7 M E WASHINGTON COPrestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--2012--63.0191.0Good99.30000000000A7143
NBI reportUS 412 EB MadisonGLADE CREEK6.7 M E WASHINGTON COPrestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--2013--63.0191.0Good99.00000000000B7143
NBI reportCR 2340 MadisonBranch1.5 MI E JCT US 412Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--2016--8.924.9Fair84.0000000000023899
NBI reportSH 23TOWN BRANCH1.54 MI SW OF US 412 JCTConcrete Culvert (5 spans)--2017--14.171.2Good91.60000000000X1508
NBI reportSH 23 - Madison CoWAR EAGLE CREEK.75 MI N JCT OF SH 74Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (6 spans)--2017--80.1452.1Good92.3000000000007346
NBI reportSH 23 Madison Co.STREAM4.74 MI SW OF US 412Concrete Culvert (3 spans)--2017--12.837.7Good95.50000000000X1506
NBI reportSH 23 Madison Co.STREAM3.45 MI SW OF US 412Concrete Culvert (5 spans)New2017--16.182.0Good91.60000000000X1507