Morgan County

CarriesCrossesLocationDesignStatusYear BuiltYear Recon.Span Len.Total Len.ConditionSuff. RatingID
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 68LITTLE WOLF CREEK300 FT WEST OF CR-26Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder----198735.140.0Fair77.45836476
NBI report
TOWNSHIP ROAD 269ISLAND RUNINT. OF TR-193 AND TR-269Wood Truss - ThruNR listed1867200873.273.2Good25.45832284
NBI report
TOWNSHIP ROAD 21WEST BRANCH WOLF CREEKRUSSELL WILLIAM'S HOUSEWood Truss - ThruNR listed1872201476.182.0Fair81.05834287
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 16SANTOY CREEK0.05 MI. EAST OF PERRY COWood Truss - Thru--1875201356.158.1Fair28.25837138
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 249OLIVE GREEN CREEK250 FT. S OF TWP RD 248Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1903198234.137.1Fair16.25831237
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 11TRIB MEIGS CREEK950 FT NORTH OF T-283Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1905198522.324.6Fair80.25830788
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 225MANS FORK.25 MI SOUTH S.R. 78Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1905199045.949.9Good79.55830915
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 357ISLAND RUNINT. TR-193 AND TR-357Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1905199137.139.0Fair70.55832322
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 24TRIB. WOLF CREEK0.3 MI NORTH OF TR-188Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1905199448.953.2Good73.95832055
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 5FOUR MILE RUNINT OF CR-5 AND TR-325Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1913198437.140.0Good64.75835089
NBI report
COUNTY ROAD 203MUSKINGUM RIVERMCCONNELSVILLE VILLAGESteel Truss - Thru (3 spans)NR listed19131991203.1566.0Poor40.05835712
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 951LITTLE OLIVE GREEN CREEK0.5 MI E OF TWP ROAD 643Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1913199141.044.0Fair70.55833825
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 942LITTLE OLIVE GREEN CREEKINT. TR-941 AND TR-942Steel Girder and floorbeam system (4 spans)--1913199228.9100.1Fair43.75831644
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 950LITTLE OLIVE GREEN CREEL.32 MI E OF TWP ROAD 951Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1914199029.933.1Fair78.35833809
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 51ALDRIDGE RUN700 FEET NORTH OF CR-17Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1918199130.834.1Fair78.35834392
NBI report
TOWNSHIP ROAD 942OLIVE GREEN CREEK200 FT E OF TWP ROAD 249Steel Truss - Thru--19231970109.9112.9Fair64.95831628
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 66TRIB SHARPS FORK FED. CR0.15 MILE WEST OF INT T65Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1923201221.322.6Good77.05832683
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 64TRIB MANS FORK600 FT EAST OF CR 90Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1925200921.324.0Good76.45830494
NBI report
S.R.83HORSE RUN1.5M N JCT SR284Concrete Tee beam--1927--37.139.0Fair74.55801028
NBI reportS.R.83BROWNENS CREEK1.3M S NOBLE CO. LINEConcrete Tee beam--1927--42.043.0Good75.55801087
NBI reportSR.266STREAM2.7M W JCT SR60Concrete Slab--1927--21.022.0Fair66.75801230
NBI reportSR.266STREAM2.3M W JCT SR60Concrete Slab--1927--21.022.0Fair42.25801265
NBI reportSR 60ANDREWS RUN.8 MI N OF WASH CO LINEPrestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1929200832.233.1Good90.65800218
NBI reportS.R. 60MCCONNELS RUN0.2M S OF JCT S.R.376Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1930199942.043.0Good84.55800331
NBI reportS.R. 266OLNEY RUN0.9M W JCT S.R. 60Concrete Tee beam--1930200146.947.9Fair79.85801354
NBI reportS.R. 60STREAM0.3M S JCT SR376Concrete Culvert--1932--20.022.0Good96.05800307
NBI reportSR. 376MCCONNELS RUN0.7M S JCT SR60Steel Culvert (2 spans)--1934--15.135.1Fair99.65801710
NBI reportSR 376STREAM4.1 MI N JCT SR 266Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--1934199523.024.9Good93.65801648
NBI reportSR 376UNNAMED TRIB2.4 MI N. OF JCT SR 266Concrete Slab--1934200920.021.0Good97.25801532
NBI report
S.R. 78DYES FORK MEIGS CREEK2.1 M E OF JCT S.R.83Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1935199939.0118.1Good99.75800935
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 68TRIB SHARPS FORK FED CRKINT TR-68 & CR-85Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1936194824.027.9Fair72.35832691
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 4MCELFRESH RUN0.9 MILE NORTH CR-53Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1937195222.625.3Poor76.55832454
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 18TRIB LUCAS RUN300 FEET SOUTH OF TR-37Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1937195323.025.9Good68.45838096
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 4TRIB SHARPS FORK FED CRK.25 MILE SOUTH OF T-652Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1937196822.623.6Fair73.45832470
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 38MINERS FORK100 FEET WEST OF TR-74Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1937199737.138.1Good75.35832616
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 4TRIB WEST BRANCH WOLF CR0.1 MILE WEST OF TWP LINESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1938--23.025.9Good61.15837030
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 11NORTH BRANCH COAL RUN1.8 MILE SOUTH OF SR-555Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1938198321.024.9Fair58.95834198
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 13TRIB WEST BRANCH WOLF CR0.40 MILE EAST OF TR-355Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1938198524.927.9Fair68.45837073
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 199OILSPRING RUN350 FT WEST OF SR-669Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1942--35.139.0Good45.35833353
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 145BALD EAGLE RUNINT. TR-145 AND CR-42Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1943198943.044.9Fair79.75838371
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 3TRIB HYDE FORK400 FT S OF S.R. 329Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1943199134.136.1Good79.55832438
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 25TRIB WEST BRCH WOLF CREEINT. SR-37 AND CR-25Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1944198944.047.9Good80.55832101
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 941LITTLE OLIVE GREEN CREEKINT TR-941 AND TR-943Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1945197048.251.2Fair60.95831563
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 322SHARON FORK200 FT E OF TWP RD 249Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1945198726.928.5Good72.55831318
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 81OPOSSUM RUNINT. CR-81 AND TR-60Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1947198519.424.9Fair59.05834708
NBI reportT97 Woodbry-BelvleKEITH FRK LIMESTONE RUNINT. TR-942 AND TR-247Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1947198536.139.0Good75.65831598
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 259TRIB JONES LAKE0.30 MILE WEST OF SR-555Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1947198522.025.9Good78.35838886
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 14SHARPS FORK FED. CREEK0.5 W OF CO ROAD 4Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1947199038.140.0Fair70.55832519
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 52WEST BRANCH WOLF CREEK0.5 MI WEST OF SR 377Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1947199462.068.9Good76.45834430
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 35BUCK RUN100 FT SOUTH OF CR-16Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1948--33.137.1Poor15.85837251
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 85TRIB SHARPS FORK FED CRK100 FT NORTH OF TR-65BSteel Girder and floorbeam system--1948--44.047.9Poor46.05832888
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 13TRIB WEST BRANCH WOLF CR0.2 MILE WEST OF TR-137Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1948198322.024.9Fair64.65836220
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 100WEST[ BRANCH WOLF CREEK200 FT NE OF TWP RD 125Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1948199655.157.1Good76.25833272
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 262OGG CREEK0.47 MILE EAST OF SR-669Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1948200034.135.1Good72.35838908
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 225TRIB ISLAND RUN300 FT SOUTH OF SR-669Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1949--22.024.9Fair70.85838835
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 101SHARPS FORK FEDERAL CREE1.1 MILE WEST OF SR-555Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1949198722.024.0Fair76.45837405
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 110MANS FORK0.54 MILE NW OF SR 78Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1950--56.182.0Fair46.95830893
NBI report
COUNTY ROAD 79WEST BRANCH WOLF CREEK0.4 MILE WEST OF CR-73Steel Truss - ThruNR eligible1950--84.089.9Good0.05834686
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 52GOSHEN CREEK0.2 MILE EAST OF TR-56Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1950199449.956.1Good68.85834503
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 17LICK RUN0.2 MILE SOUTH OF SR-792Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1951--20.021.3Good52.95836298
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 34MEIGS CREEKSINT OF CR-34 AND CR-31Steel Girder and floorbeam system (2 spans)--1951--57.184.0Fair44.55835259
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 58EAST BRANCH SUNDAY CREEK50 FT SOUTH OF INT W/CR15Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1951--49.954.1Fair46.25837340
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 128LITTLE WOLF CREEK0.5 MILE WEST OF CR-4Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1951198825.927.9Fair81.75833310
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 44FOUR MILE RUN0.2 MILE EAST OF TR-220Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1951199356.162.0Fair44.55835275
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 46FOUR MILE RUN0.5 MILE EAST OF SR-60Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1951199555.860.0Fair63.25835291
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 2BALD EAGLE RUNSTOCKPORT NORTH CORPSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1951200051.854.1Good58.05838053
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 134LITTLE WOLF CREEK0.3 MI NW OF CR 26Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1951200827.934.1Good62.05836530
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 13WEST BRANCH WOLF CREEK700 FT N OF CR 4Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1952--62.065.9Fair46.25836204
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 29WEST BRANCH WOLF CREEK0.4 MI SW OF CR 4Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1952--56.160.0Fair48.85836328
NBI reportSR. 376STREAM3.8M S JCT SR60Steel Culvert (2 spans)--1952--12.124.0Fair88.85801656
NBI reportSR. 376STREAM3.7M S JCT SR60Concrete Slab (3 spans)--1952--29.980.1Fair80.25801680
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 939LITTLE OLIVE GREEN CREEKINT MOSCOW MILLS & FINKLESteel Girder and floorbeam system (2 spans)--1952--54.1125.0Fair30.95831415
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 11TRIB MEIGS CREEK1100 FT NORTH T-281Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1952198724.926.9Fair80.45830834
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 71EAST BRANCH SUNDAY CREEKINT CR-71 AND SR-555Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1952199724.024.9Good79.55837367
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 6OPOSSUM RUNCOLUMBIA GAS COMP. STATIOSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1953--27.930.8Fair38.45834155
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 220FOUR MILE RUN200 FT WEST INT TR-223Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1953198428.930.8Fair71.35835380
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 88LUCAS RUN150 FT.S. OF C.R. 69Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1953198927.932.2Good68.45838355
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 42MADISON RUN1.1 MILE NORTH CR-60Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1953199124.926.9Fair71.05838207
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 42BALD EAGLE RUN0.6 MILE EAST OF CR-43Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1953200428.930.8Poor49.85836387
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 64TRIB MANS FORK250 FT EAST OF CR 90Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1954--20.323.6Good77.85830516
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 946ONION CREEK500 FT SOUTH TR-234Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1954--29.932.2Fair25.05831687
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 624REASONERS RUN0.19 MILE NORTH TR-329Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1954198826.930.8Fair64.95831377
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 74TRIB WEST BRCH WOLF CREEINT. SR-37 AND CR-74Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1954198924.026.9Poor12.65832152
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 945OLIVE GREEN CREEK300 FT NORTH TR-327Steel Truss - Thru--1954199985.089.9Good65.05831660
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 58EELS RUN0.5 MILE EAST OF CTY LINESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1955--22.024.9Fair72.95837308
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 941SCOTT RUN0.9 MI SOUTH OF TR-943Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1955--26.932.2Fair45.55831520
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 199OILSPRING RUN0.6 MILE WEST OF SR-669Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1955199635.140.0Good78.35833388
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 342DYES FORKINT. CR-11 AND TR-672Steel Girder and floorbeam system (2 spans)--1955199860.091.9Fair58.15835445
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 11MEIGS CREEK700 FT SOUTH TWP ROAD 758Steel Girder and floorbeam system (2 spans)--1956--57.174.2Fair46.65830753
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 237LITTLE OLIVE GREEN CREEKINT. TR-237 AND TR-680Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1956--35.137.1Good60.65831067
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 242STONEY CREEKSOUTHERLY TOWNSHIP LINESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1956200127.929.9Good77.25831105
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 11PERRY RUN150 FEET SOUTH OF SR-60Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1958--23.024.9Fair45.05835178
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 27DYES FORKWOODGROVE HILL CAMPSITESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (2 spans)--1958--38.162.0Fair56.65833647
NBI reportSR. 669ISLAND RUN7.3M E JCT SR555Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1958201049.9132.9Good100.05802229
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 355TRIB WEST BRANCH WOLF CRINT. TR-355 AND CR-13Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1960--26.929.9Fair46.75837588
NBI reportS.R.555EAST BRANCH BLACK FORK0.7M S JCT SR78Concrete Slab (3 spans)--1961--33.186.0Poor61.95801982
NBI reportS.R.555EAST BRANCH SUNDAY CREEK1.7M N JCT SR78Concrete Slab (3 spans)--1962--33.186.0Poor62.45801958
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 31FOUR MILE RUN0.3 MILE NORTH OF CR-5Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1962198843.045.9Good75.35835194
NBI report
COUNTY ROAD 27OHIO POWER RAILROADONE MILE NORTH SR-78Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1965--55.1183.1Good60.65833663
NBI reportS.R.37WOLF CREEK3.5 M E PERRY CO. LINEConcrete Slab (3 spans)--1965--24.966.9Fair91.65800064
NBI reportS.R. 37KICKAPOO CREEK4.4M E PERRY CO. LINEConcrete Slab--1966--33.135.1Good91.65800099
NBI reportSR. 78MANNS FORK MEIGS CREEK4.2M E JCT SR60Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1968--55.1147.0Good90.65800781
NBI reportSR.377WEST BRANCH OF WOLF CREE4.6M N ATHENS CO. LINESteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1968--65.0171.9Good88.45801893
NBI reportSTATE ROUTE 37MUSKINGUM RIVER0.1M W JCT SR60Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (6 spans)--1969--107.9611.9Fair71.85800129
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 2BIG BOTTOM RUN500 FT. S. OF CO. RD. 9Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple (2 spans)--1970--39.083.0Good82.15830419
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 16BUCK RUN200 FEET EAST OF SR-78Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1973200156.160.0Fair63.25837219
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 70DOUDNA RUN0.2 MILE WEST OF CR-2Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1974--24.027.9Poor48.25833256
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 912ALDRIDGE RUN200 FT WEST OF TR-51Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1979198921.723.0Good75.95836638
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 2DOUDNA RUN300 FT NORTH OF CR-92Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple (3 spans)--1980--37.1123.0Good61.05833094
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 52GOSHEN CREEK300 FT WEST OF CR-73Steel Girder and floorbeam system (2 spans)--1981199028.958.1Poor10.15834449
NBI reportS.R. 60OVER SMALL MUSK R. TRIB.3.4M S MUSKINGUM CO. LINEConcrete Slab (3 spans)--1983--28.977.1Good96.65800439
NBI reportSR. 78MEIGS CREEK1.8M W JCT SR83Concrete Slab (3 spans)--1983--38.1100.1Fair97.25800889
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 11MEIGS CREEKUNIONVILLESteel Truss - Thru--1989--125.0127.0Good73.55835119
NBI reportS.R. 60MEIGS CREEK0.1M S JCT SR266Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--1989--100.1282.2Fair95.55800250
NBI reportSR.266MUSKINGUM RIVER0.3M W JCT SR376Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (7 spans)--1989--97.1694.9Good91.95801133
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 11MEIGS CREEK400 FT S OF CR 46Steel Truss - Thru--1990--134.8137.1Fair74.25835135
NBI reportSR.376MANN'S FORK OF MEIGS CRK3.8M S MUSKINGUM CO. LINEConcrete Slab (3 spans)--1990--38.1100.1Good99.05801842
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 13TRIB WEST BRANCH WOLF CR0.19 MILE WEST OF ROSSEAUSteel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1991--48.949.9Good76.45837065
NBI report
COUNTY ROAD 5MEIGS CREEK200 FT WEST OF CR 31Steel Truss - Thru--1991--118.1119.1Good71.25835070
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 52GOSHEN CREEK0.7 EAST OF TR-56Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1991--53.254.1Good68.45834481
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 11MEIGS CREEK200 FEET EAST OF SR - 60Steel Truss - Thru--1992--129.9167.0Good75.75835151
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 22MINERS FORKCOUNTY ROAD 22 AT TR-33Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1992--43.044.0Fair78.35832608
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 85SHARPS FORK FEDERAL CREE200 FEET NORTH TR-65 INT.Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1992--48.949.9Good78.35832926
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 1161TRIB HYDE FORK40 FEET SOUTH OF SR-329Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1992--42.044.0Good62.05832446
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 39WEST BRANCH WOLF CREEKCR-39 AT INT. TRI-139Steel Truss - Thru--1993--64.065.0Good64.45836352
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 22ALDRIDGE RUN0.6 MILE NORTH OF CR-66Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1993--24.024.9Fair70.55838134
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 64SHARPS FORK FEDERAL CREEON TR-64 AT INT. CR-4Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1993--34.136.1Fair71.65832640
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 117EAST BRANCH SUNDAY CREEK200 FEET NORTHEAST SR-555Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1994--39.041.0Good83.25837545
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 45WEST BRANCH WOLF CREEK400 FT EAST CR-69Steel Truss - Thru--1995--115.2116.1Good57.55838231
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 243OLIVE GREEN CREEK700 FT EAST TR-245Steel Truss - Thru--1995--89.9129.9Good66.95831164
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 13LITTLE WOLF CREEK150 FEET WEST OF TR-141Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1996--39.041.0Good48.85836255
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 73WEST BRANCH WOLF CREEK0.2 MILE EAST OF CR-52Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1996--79.181.0Good72.95834678
NBI reportSR 555OGG CREEK0.76 MI N OF SR 669 JCTConcrete Culvert--1996--25.926.9Good99.15802024
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 77AMEIGS CREEK0.25 MILE WEST OF CR-11Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1996--69.971.9Good69.95830885
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 11MEIGS CREEK725 FT NORTH OF CR-91Steel Girder and floorbeam system (2 spans)--1997--65.099.1Good80.45830826
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 58CEDAR RUN200 FT WEST OF T-112Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1997--24.024.9Good80.15837332
NBI reportSR 60PERRY RUN1.0M N OF JCT SR 266Concrete Culvert (2 spans)--1997--9.825.9Good98.25800285
NBI reportSR 669MILLERS RUN1.1 KM W OF JCT SR 37Concrete Frame--1997--19.721.7Good98.95802369
NBI reportTWP ROAD 135TRIB WEST BRANCH WOLF CR0.25 MILE WEST OF CR-40Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1997--19.421.0Good79.55836565
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 4WEST BRANCH WOLF CREEKINT CR-4 AND CR-89Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1998--58.160.0Good88.45836174
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 42BALD EAGLE RUNINT CR-42 AND TR-146Steel Girder and floorbeam system--1998--33.134.1Good53.45836360
NBI reportSR-78WET BRANCH OF WOLF CREEK0.48 KM E. OF JCT SR-555Concrete Culvert--1998--20.023.0Good97.25800463
NBI report8TH STREETMCCONNEL RUN8TH STREET & AUGUSTA AVEPrestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1999--41.043.0Good61.15835615
NBI reportS.R. 60SALT RUN1.3M N OF JCT S.R. 37Prestressed Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--1999--49.950.9Good98.15800374
NBI reportS.R. 78MCCONNELL'S RUN0.2M E OF JCT S.R. 60Concrete Frame--1999--34.136.1Good98.25800706
NBI reportS.R. 78BUCK RUN3.7M E OF JCT SR 555Concrete Slab--2000--37.138.4Good99.95800587
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 17ALDRIDGE RUNINT TR-51 AND CR-17Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2001--44.945.9Good85.15834236
NBI reportSR.669BLACK FORK OF MOX. CREEK.97 MI. W.OF JCT SR.93Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder (3 spans)--2001--62.0160.1Good97.05802059
NBI reportTOWNSHIP ROAD 104TRIB WEST BRANCH WOLF CR500 FT SOUTH OF CR-13Steel Girder and floorbeam system--2001--29.935.1Good84.55837448
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 4LITTLE WOLF CREEK100 FT SOUTH OF TR-131Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--2002--26.930.8Good85.85833116
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 47WEST BRANCH WOLF CREEK1600 FT EAST OF CR-35Steel Truss - Thru--2003--61.064.0Good66.65833213
NBI reportCR 66ALDRIDGE RUNCR 66Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2007--34.135.1Good86.95838304
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 53GOSHEN CREEK0.45 MILE NORTH INT T-58Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2010--37.141.0Good94.95834562
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 62MANS FORK900 FT SOUTH SR 78Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2010--44.047.9Good87.45830869
NBI reportCOUNTY ROAD 16BUCK RUNCR 16 OVER BUCK RUNPrestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2011--25.329.5Good80.95837200
NBI reportTURKEY RUNTURKEY RUN50 FT SOUTH SR 266 ON T48Concrete Frame--2012--24.927.2Good99.05838266
NBI reportSR 78WOLF CREEK3.0 MI W JCT SR 377Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2013--80.182.0Good99.55800625
NBI reportTR - 106TRIB. WEST BRANCH200' SOUTH OF CR 13Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2013--48.951.8Good94.45837464
NBI reportTR - 220LITTLE FOUR MILE RUNTR - 220 at TR - 219Steel Stringer/Multi-beam or girder--2014--28.229.9Good80.85835372
NBI reportCounty Road 20MANS FORK1400 FT WEST OF CR 110Prestressed Box beam or girders - Multiple--2016--65.068.9Good100.05830451
NBI reportSR 78BEAR RUN2.9 MILE WEST JCT SR 83Concrete Box beam or girders - Multiple--2016--49.951.2Good99.25810001
NBI reportSR 266MILL RUN3.4 MI EAST OF JCT SR376Concrete Slab (3 spans)--2018--49.9131.9Good99.15810000
NBI reportSR 669OIL SPRING RUN2.9Mi W JCT SR 37Concrete Slab (3 spans)--2018--35.192.9Good100.05802289
NBI Sharps ForTRIB. SHARPS FORK1.180 East of CR 14 interConcrete Culvert--2018--20.723.6----5832942